Practical reasons why dark wall paint is a good idea

When most of us think about wall paint and the various colours we’d like to admire on the walls of our home, bright colours are usually the popular choice. People tend to gravitate towards the lighter and brighter shades in the colour wheel and rightfully so. There’s a lot of credible research out there which indicates the positive effect of certain colours on our mood. One unfortunate consequence however, is that the darker end of the colour spectrum gets neglected far too easily. While there’s no doubting the all time favourites, the bright reds, blues and yellows, let’s take a trip to the misunderstood ‘dark side’ and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find. In this article, we’ll explore 3 practical reasons you may want to sway your attention to the darker colours, the next time you’re in the market for wall paint. 

Darker colours make things ‘pop’ –  Everyone intuitively knows the principles at work when it comes to the concept of contrast and nothing does a better job of creating sharp contrasts than a dark background. The visual elements that come into play when a lighter coloured item is set against a dark background, makes even an average looking piece of furniture look quite magnificent.  Oftentimes, the furniture that we find ourselves surrounded by in our homes is a result of years of collecting. In these situations, it is likely the furniture is of different shades and tones. This kind of diversity in the shades can be complemented well with a dark wall paint colour that creates a frame of sorts, around the furniture that’s on display. Even smaller pieces can find their place and appreciation in the eyes of your guests, as the dark wall paint background brings them to attention.

It’s the perfect cover – One of the main reasons a wall paint job is required is the natural wear and tear that occurs over the years. If one has used good quality paint and invested in quality execution when it comes to the application of the wall paint, there’s a good chance you will not need to paint again for at least 5 years. However, that doesn’t mean there will be no wear and tear for those 5 years. In our busy and bustling lives, we tend to ignore the nicks and scrapes that emerge on walls after regular living. For those of us that have young children in the house, the concept of damaged walls is all too familiar. This is where dark wall paint can be a real savior. Dark shades of navy blue, the maroons and browns of the colour spectrum are a perfect cover for all those unwanted blemishes on your walls, which are all but inevitable. 

It’s warm and cozy – While this may seem a bit counterintuitive, it can actually be true in some cases. If you’ve got a room that isn’t that big and you’d like to get a bit creative with it, try darker wall paint colours and you may end up being surprised how it turns out. The warmer shades of the darker colours like greys or charcoal, the more luxurious colors like burgundy or purple, are all great options to make your space seem a lot cozier than before. If you’re looking to reinvent a space which has been neglected, the dark colour choices may be the answer you’re looking for. 

Well, there you have it. While there will always be a ton of reasons to look at the lighter and brighter colours when deciding on your wall paint options, the darker end of the spectrum is certainly worth exploring. AapkaPainter is geared to bring all these and more wonderful colours to your doorstep, so give us a call today and get started with a free consultation.