Most popular paint colors

We’ve been in the painting business for quite some time now and are happy to boast of 5000+ happy customers. With that in mind, we’d like to share our list of the most popular colours and trends that we’ve put together based on our many client interactions. So if you’re someone who’s looking to get your house painted but don’t know where to start, this post is for you. It’s a short but insightful read that promises to leave you feeling less confused than when you started. 

Top pick for the living room: BLUE 

Top pick for the bedroom: TEAL AND TURQUOISE

Top pick for the hall and study: MUTED GREENS

Top neutral pick for the entire house (living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, kids room): GREY

Top neutral pick for the bedroom: BEIGE

Top Design Trends: 

We’ve also listed down a few popular trends that we’ve observed recently. 

Geometric Patterns: We’ve noticed a new trend when it comes to the master bedroom and kids bedroom where a combination of three or more colours are used along with geometric patterns. 

Archi Concrete: We’ve noticed this one as a popular choice for the living room in order to get that rustic look that so many of us like. 

Stencil Pattern: This is a common choice that’s agnostic to the room. Some people like it in the living room and some in the bedroom. It’s also a popular choice for a kids bedroom to give it that dash of fun and frolic. 

Ombre Effect: This is a popular alternative to the earlier mentioned archi texture and is another effect that helps make the room look rustic yet chic. We’ve noticed this to be one for the master bedroom and living room. 

This was our pick of colours and trends based on our many client interactions. Have a colour or trend that we missed out on, tell us in the comment section below.