Make Your Home Festive Ready

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The season of festivals is here. There could not be any better time to give your home the much deserved makeover. Give your home that welcoming glow and warmth, with these easy tips.

Plan your expenses

The most celebrated month is here. With celebrations come a lot of expenses as well. So, if you wish to renovate your home. Set a budget much prior to your renovation days. Whatever is your budget plan it and follow it. It could be relaxing to you as well as your pockets.

Survey your walls












This is the most important aspect of all. Sturdy and well finished walls give the best look to your home. Inspect all that is needed to make it look well maintained. Wall with cracks are also considered to be inauspicious. They also weaken the very foundation of your home. So fix it.

It’s raining sale

This the best time for the Indian consumers as the market is booming with online shopping and sale offer. Make the most of it with the sale available. You could use these offers for the small changes like curtains, flower vase, doormats, bath towels. All that makes your home look fresh and new.

DIY Tricks and Tips

There are so many DIY tutorials available online. You can make your lamps, diyas and garlands. This makes your home look creative and well decorated. This could be one of those activities you do in your spare time. It gives your home a personal touch and a delightful surprise.

Flowers and Candles












If there is nothing at all you wish to do invest in some good flowers and candles. Basically, anything that is colorful and looks refreshing. Candles spread good fragrance and warm feeling all around. Flowers are soulfully satisfying. They leave your home look lit up in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Keep it clean. Simple.

Cleanliness is not optional. Festivals are the time when you have so many guests visiting. So, welcoming them in an unclean home is un- cool. Take out some time and clean it bit by bit without stressing yourself too much. You can also avail deep cleaning services and offload a bit of work.

Above all, festivities are about being together with family and friends. Enjoy this season with your loved ones at home. Wish you a very happy festive season 🙂



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