Interior painting of a house

Colors speak the language of beauty and a well-painted interior of a house is the beauty. Interior painting is an essential part of house maintenance.  Though interior house painting makes the appearance of a house easy on eyes, there are some steps that are must follow. These steps are necessary to carry out the painting job the professional way.

Choose the color 

The very first step in an interior painting of a house requires a brainstorming session. The most suitable shades according to the room surrounding and the shades of our choice don’t usually go hand in hand. So, choosing the shades which satisfy both the requirements takes time. Bold colors signify the house appearance in a better way.

Collect the appropriate components

Angled Brush, Squared Brush, Adjustable extension pole, Putty knife, ladder, masking tape, drop clothes, a bucket full of water these are the most needed components to carry out the interior painting job.

Clean the surface 

Clean the interior walls and ceiling of dust or any other impurities. This helps the paint to adhere to the walls better.

Prepare the walls

The next step in painting interior walls includes a careful inspection of the walls for cracks, holes, and/or any imperfect surface. Spackling paste is used to fill the holes, gaps, and cracks can be filled with spackling paste. Putty knife can remove the excess paste and then sand it to make a level with the surface after drying.

Cover other surfaces 

Now, the most important part is covering other surfaces like floors, furniture, windows. Use canvas drop cloth on the floor as it prevents slipping. Besides, it lasts for a long time so, it is a good investment.


The previously painted walls don’t necessarily need a primer. You just have to spot the areas which need of priming. Priming is essential for unpainted walls. Primer removes the stains, avoids moisture damage, and improves adhesion of the first coat which ultimately improves adhesion of the whole painting course.


Application of putty is necessary for interior house painting job. It removes the unevenness of the surface and makes is smooth. It removes the small hairline like cracks and pores. Putty levels the surface from top to bottom. It also enhances the durability of paint.


When we finish above steps, we can start the actual painting job. The painting should be done from top to bottom. The ceiling should be painted first, and then the walls and then the remaining places like doors, windows, and edges.  Before moving on to paint the next surface, let the previously painted surface dry first.  Keep the doors and windows open, it helps the paint to dry faster.Once your paint dries completely, remove the dropping clothes, move in the furniture, arrange the place the way you like and just never stop admiring it.

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