Dil se Indian, Ghar hai Guarantee!

What are the first few words that strike your mind when you think about Indian- ness? Colours, designs, earthen look, green plants, pots, copper/ brass accessories.Every person has a different taste and will feel the connect with something that is close to their nature. While doing your home, choose the décor style that suits your taste the best. Only then the sharpness and authenticity remains. It’s your space and it needs to look like one!We help you bring in the best to adorn your home, walls, or even your small little reading space, and get soaked in Indian-ness.

Flea Market Shopping

Start with basic decorating items – something in Brass or Copper, something that will fill in the spaces of your room. You could also pick an old camera, some glass studded lamps or cane moulded ones. Pick something that will compliment your taste. Also, experiment with some old Indian photo frames. Flea market the best place to shop if you want to re-do or start with the Indian theme.

Start with a small space

While giving your home a makeover, choose a space of your home to start with an experiment. On the basis of the feeling and the look it provides, you could develop the concept of your entire home.  Choose a space that will bring out the best look of your room as well as inspire you.

Choose the drapes

Now, the best thing about your Indian style décor is you don’t really have to buy the expensive drapes. Just pull one of your mom’s old sari. Stitch it to your taste. Wrap around your curtain rod and leave it lose from both the sides. Pick the bright saris or the dupattas. The one with little sparkle will add the much needed attention to your drapes.

Choose the right colours

Indian- ness is the best described with earthen colours.  Think shades of brick red, green, orange, brown. Paint them according to your spaces needs. Don’t miss on the essence of the particular wall. Know why you’re using a particular colour to highlight which area in particular. To give your home required plop of colours, make use of the traditional Chatayi- Indian thin knitted mattress used for seating on floor. Use them under your table or your low seating arrangements.

Use Diwans – The low seating style famously called the Baithak/ Diwan style will catch the instant attention of your guests. It’s the most comforting seating arrangement one can have. Accessorize with the small side pillows. To add to your comfort have low arranged lamps or in a particular side of your seating arrangement.

Bring on the greens

Bring in the nature in the most special way possible. The traditional plants will not only bring in the nature but will also make your house look fuller. Be careful not to over- bush your plants. You may later will have to deal with the mosquitos. This will only spoil the mood of your home.

Collectibles on one table

If you have some collectibles, put them together on one side of your home on a wooden table. This will bring out the depth in your Indian style décor. While buying chairs and table for your home, look for the wooden ones or paint your existing ones with dark brown colours. This will add value to your Indian home décor.