How to use spray paint or liquid painting with a fabric markers

If you are experienced at using spray paint or liquid painting on fabric with a brush, then using a marker pen would be a way easier job to do. Especially when it comes to drawing a sharp line or giving your drawing a fine finishing, a fabric marker might surprise you with its perfection. If you are a person who loves to carry his own sign on cloths, this marker pen could be a big help. You can permanently write down your name on fabric with a fabric pen. A fabric marker pen has a big versatile use area from your cap to the shoes. In this article, we are going to talk about fabric markers and multifunctional usage of it.

What is a Fabric marker?

Fabric marker or Fabric pen is a regular looking drawing marker pen with some extra benefits and advancement to it. These also contain permanent Dye-based pigmented color in them or permanent ink. The color after the application of the marker to a fabric, it stays there permanently and doesn’t fade away with some washes. Regular permanent markers are also capable of coloring a fabric, but they aren’t as good as the fabric-specific once. 

In addition, you also can do lettering on fabric with these markers, you can use stenciling and many more to customize your own t-shirt or anything else. To know more about the best fabric marker pens available right now and get dozens of variants of them, Check this out!

Tips for using Fabric marker pens:

Pick the right fabric for design

The smoothness of the designing on fabric with a marker depends on the texture and grains of the fabric. If a fabric has a rough texture, the marker won’t be able to run smoothly on the surface. When you are painting on fabric that has Coarse-grain, It becomes impossible to draw even lines with putting the same amount of pressure and ink. There will be bumps and lumps, so the drawing is not really balanced, which is really important for a great painting or drawing. 

So, whenever you are painting or marking on fabric, make sure you are selecting a fabric with fine grains and which has no rough texture. Be sure to check the final result out by drawing on a spare piece of fabric with the same amount of grain, exactly the same fabric if possible. This will give you a clear idea of how fine the drawing is going to be on the final product. 

Clean the fabric and make sure it’s dry

If you have decided which fabric you are working on, be sure to clean it up. It could be any kind of product like t-shirt, handbags, fabric shoes or anything else made from fabric. If it has clogged dust or any chemical on it, wash it off and remove all those things that might react with the paint or mark that you are going to put on. After washing them, dry them up very good and make sure there is no water left in the fabric. If any water left inside the fabric, the color will bleed out on the wet area.

Get the lines correct

While drawing or painting on a piece of fabric, you can stroke with thick lines and thin lines, especially if you are using a Copic marker. If you are not using a Copic marker, There are also a numerous amount of other markers that are designed for the thick and thin lining. But there are some things you should keep in your mind while drawing the lines on the fabric. 

  • Never put extra pressure on a part of a single line or stroke, keep the stroke even and balanced from the start to finish.
  • Never press down the tip of the pen on a place, Or the fabric will start sucking extra ink out of the tip of the pen. that will damage your fabric along with the design.
  • Don’t pick two colors together that are not friendly to blend together. make sure you take blending-friendly colored markers.
  • Don’t fall for the cheap fabric markers available in the market, high-quality markers come with a decent price tag.

Lettering on fabric with fabric markers

Maybe this is the most famous use of a fabric marker around the world. People use fabric markers to do lettering by their own design on their t-shirt, canvas shoes, handbags, hats and so on. For the lettering on your own t-shirt, using a fabric pen or marker is the best way to go with it. Lettering on fabric with a pen is way more convenient than with paintbrush. If you have experience with lettering on fabric with a paintbrush, do check out the pens and markers to, If you are going to use fabric marker for lettering, I would suggest you to go with Copic markers that have two ends with different tips on them.