How to Create Great Colour Combinations for Your Home

Your home needs your attention time and again. You sometimes wish you had painted a wall differently to make your frames look more appealing. You also must have thought to not use a color again. But, any color in combination can change the face of your home. 

Its said there is no such thing called a bad colour, only bad usage of colour. Choosing the right combination for ceiling, dining hall or even bathroom can make big difference. Try out these suggested combinations for a true refreshing feel of your home.

Use white to highlight your wall colors


White neutralizes colors. The bold colors won’t look stark and warm hues dingy. Your color would get the right boost.

Create an accent wall


An all white wall will look bigger and brighter if the borders of the wall are colored with bold hues. Choice of a vibrant color here will make your room abundant with light.

Set a stage with paint


Walls which have a television or your favorite frame or a piece of furniture,can have deep color in the background to do wonders to your home. Bold hues like red will enhance the backdrop and anything that is in front of it.

Paint the trims


Using a color different from the one on the wall for trims, doors, and moldings to break the monotony and add drama to a room.Choose a deep shade to make a large space seem snug. For a more expansive feel, go with a light color.

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