How to Clean Painting Tools

The painting job is not over just after painting. Cleaning up after painting is another big step in the whole painting process. Cleaning of painting tools is an equally important step because a clean and tidy brush lasts for many more painting jobs. Whether it is an oil based paint or water based paint, there are proper techniques to clean painting tools.

The cleaning process starts immediately after the use. Cleaning techniques depend upon the type of tools and type of paint that is used for the painting job. Getting the paint brush as free of paint as possible fast forward the entire cleaning process. Washing a paint brush immediately after the paint job with solvent or water can damage the bristle. Cleaning of paint brushes which are used for both oil-based and water-based paints is difficult therefore using different painting toolsets for different types of paint saves the efforts.

Cleaning oil-based paint 


Paint Brush

Cleaning of Oil-based paint requires paint thinner. Paint brush with less amount of paint clinging to the bristles requires less solvent to clean up. The first step in the cleaning process is dipping the brush into solvent thinner. Washing bristles with hands(using gloves) get the clinging paint off of the brush. Brush and roller spinner spins the brush and gets the paint particles out of the brush. If some paint is still stuck in the brush, repeating the same procedure removes the excess paint. Dipping the paint brush in a clean Lacquer thinner removes the remaining paint residue. The last step of the cleaning process is washing the brush with soapy water, working the bristle for a few seconds and drying the brush gets it ready for another paint job.

Paint Roller 

Dipping the paint roller immediately after painting gets over, is the easiest way to clean it. Washing of rollers in soapy water clear the paint roller.

Cleaning water-based paint


Paint Brush

The best part of cleaning the water-based paint is that it does not require any additional thinner. Scraping off the excess paint is the most obvious and essential step in cleaning. Washing the bristles with soapy water with bare hands or with the help of a brush comb helps remove the maximum amount of paint. Spinning the brush in a pail removes any remaining paint and water. Washing the brush in another pail of clean water cleans the brush completely. Drying the brush makes it compatible for the next paint job.

Paint Roller 

Roller washers are very easy to use and save a lot of time. Just spinning the roller in roller washer cleans the roller entirely.

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