How to Avoid Home Painting Disasters

It’s not everyday that you embark upon your dream project of getting your home painting done. If done right, a carefully selected range of fresh paint will make your walls sparkle and your time spent within them that much more enjoyable. While the prospect of getting your home painting done is not unmanageable by any stretch, there are still a few things you can keep in mind to ensure the process goes smoothly and you avoid any unwanted mishaps or disasters along the way.

Think it through

One of the most important factors when initiating your home painting project is to have a clear understanding of exactly what you are looking for when it comes to the end result. This can be an iterative process and there are many things to consider in the mix. Everything from the colour of the paint, to the texture of your choice, from the number of walls to include in the scope of your home painting to whether you want to expand it to the floors, ceilings and furniture as well. The reason you want to think this through is because the last thing you want is to spend all the time, money and effort and be left with a space that you feel is out of sync with itself and you.

Let’s say you’re contemplating and want to consider painting your kitchen. At first, it may seem to be a pretty straightforward project right? Well, not exactly. Let’s take the example of something seemingly small like the Kitchen cabinets. Will they be the same colour as the walls? Will they need any additional cleaning and prep work such as sanding off the surface? Will the cabinets need a varnish and a polish or just a coat of paint? Once you have given a fresh coat of paint, what about the handles, do they need a separate treatment altogether to ensure they are in sync with the new decor? Once you include even just the kitchen into your home painting plans, and get to thinking a little bit about it, you will discover there are a lot of details that need to be considered before the first brush stroke is applied. This brings us to the next and most obvious factor to be considered in your home painting adventure, the colours.

Avoid the Colour trap

As you can well imagine, one of the most important decisions you will face during your home painting endeavor is the final colour scheme you go with. The most unwanted disaster during this time is to be left with a space you don’t actually love. We’d recommend you spend a considerable amount of your time researching the various colour schemes and choices you have before you take a final call. While it may seem tempting to jump the gun and go bold, make sure you give thoughtful considerations to the shades and tones. One of the easiest ways to avoid this home painting disaster is to do a simple patch test. All this really means is, start with a larger list of colours that suit your personality and the space you wish to adorn with it. Then, shortlist that down to five or maximum ten shades. Then, go ahead and purchase actual paint cans of these ten shades and paint a square of each colour on the wall you want to test it out on and then let it sit to dry. Remember, paint looks a little different when it’s wet versus once it has completely dried up. This is the time you want to experiment with so don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and play around with textures and colours both. Once the paint has dried, the square patch can help you visualise much better what the complete home painting job will deliver. This way, you’re never caught off guard. Even once the home painting work has begun and you find yourself not liking the results, it’s not too late to stop the painter and revisit the colours. While the temporary lapse may cost you a little more money, it’s a better call to take at this stage than to be stuck with something you don’t love.

Prepare well

This may seem like an obvious point but it is often overlooked and not given enough importance. While the team you may hire to do your home painting should ideally come equipped with standard operating procedures for cleaning and prep work, there are a few things you can do to aid the entire process. Things like making sure the furniture is well covered up, the area is cleared up and kept relatively isolated, making sure you’re doing everything you can to ensure the safety of your kids or pets are just some of the smaller things you can do to ensure your home painting project proceeds stress free.

There are a lot of details and nitty gritties that go into ensuring your home painting efforts reap rewarding results for you. If you find yourself struggling with how to make your home painting dreams come true, Apkapainter is the solution you’re looking for, just give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.