How the right wall paint can increase the value of your home

For most homeowners, one of the most important things to invest their hard earned money into is the upkeep and maintenance of their home. It’s important to note that this money spent is indeed to be looked upon as an investment and not just another regular spend as it serves a very important purpose. Keeping your home well maintained and in tip top condition is a prudent strategy whether you intend on selling it now, any time in the future or just want it to be the best version of itself for the enjoyment of you and your loved ones. As a homeowner, one of the easiest and most hassle free ways of improving the value of your home is to relook at the colours of wall painting that adorn your space. With just a few coats of the right kind of wall painting shades, carefully selected to suit the space, you’d be surprised the difference it can make to the human mind. 

So, how do the wall painting colours you choose help increase the value of your home exactly? Well, back in 2018, Zillow, an American real estate database company, ran a study on the very subject and came up with some fascinating results. They analyzed more than 135,000 homes across the country and were able to make some insightful deductions about people’s willingness to pay and how it changes based on certain colours when applied to specific spaces or places within a home. This study was spread across data from home purchases made over a period of 8 years and was able to make claims such as homes with dark painted doors are able to be sold at $6000 or more than their expected price! While these numbers are certainly tantalising and derived from data trends, there’s no denying that the way a space has made use of colours of different shades, has a definite effect on the way the space is perceived, and in this case the way it is looked upon by a potential buyer. So let’s take a look at some of the ways the right colour scheme for your wall painting efforts can have on the value of your home.

Front and center

As many wise people have said in the past, you only get to make a good first impression once. Similarly, the front door is usually the gateway for your home and tends to set the tone and expectations a visitor may have from what they are about to experience once they walk in. It is advisable to go with a darker shade of blue such as navy blue, shades of charcoal or dark grey to give it the desired premium finish. In case your home is an independant house and not a flat or apartment, then your first impression consists of a lot more than just the front door. Everything from the front porch to the wall painting colours you choose for your exterior walls come into play. One of the most popular combinations of colours known for the exteriors is grey and beige, more popularly known as ‘greige’. Neutral tones such as this are thought to be the most inviting to potential buyers. Aside from being a colour combination that is aesthetically pleasing, the neutral nature of the shades allow for their imagination to roam free, subliminally ecouraging them to see their own preferences of wall painting colours up there, with more ease.

Bring it in

One of the main criterias that home buyers have when evaluating the market is the kind of kitchen experience the house provides. It is advisable to go with what is sometimes known as the ‘tuxedo kitchen’ approach, where the visual experience is of two primary dual tones. The cabinets are a darker shade of brown or black and the walls are a lighter shade of off white or beige. Kitchens are often a space that many homeowners like to personalise and this may have resulted in your kitchen being your favourite shade of red or orange, or some such brighter shade your personality prefers. It’s important to remember that while you’re living there, the space can be exactly how you want it to be. However, in case you’re thinking of selling your house, you need to make it palatable to potential buyers rather than push your tastes and preferences upon them. Returning your kitchen to a more neutral shade will allow the potential buyer to visualise their own preferences. If you must, you can always go for the more soothing tints of blue which keep things mellow and neutral enough for the experience to not be overwhelming. 

As you make your way further into your home, the other important area most potential buyers have in mind are, not so surprisingly, the bathrooms. Everyone loves a neat and clean bathroom so the wall painting colours you choose here are quite important. While neat and clean are the need of the hour in bathrooms, going with plain white could potentially work against you. It tends to give an over sanitised feeling and the experience could be unnecessarily stark. However, going too wild with the colours in here would not be a good idea either, you don’t want to create a feeling of disorientation. Balancing it out with neutral tones such as off white or cream could be suitable, or you could even go for a powder blue or periwinkle to keep things solid and comfortable. Last but not least is the bedrooms, living and dining areas. People like to feel completely at ease in the bedroom and a soothing colour tone of shades of grey or off white would be best suited for showcasing the potential of the space. You can always add some flair with a focus on the trimming of the bed or windows being a complementary shade to that of the wall painting. For your living and dining area, you need to select an aesthetically pleasing palette that goes with all the furniture you no doubt have in there. Leaning towards the lighter blues or greys in here could suit even an eclectic palette that currently exists in there.

Whatever your final choices of wall painting colours may be, there’s no denying the fact that the decisions you make here can have a considerable impact on the value of your home. Whether you’re looking to increase the value for a sale, or simply to elevate your own living experience, Aapkapainter can help guide you through the various important decisions on wall painting colours you may need to make, so don’t hesitate to call us for a free inspection today.