How the right colours can boost your WFH productivity

As the global workforce reels from the impact of the pandemic that continues to spread, companies across the world are coming to terms with the idea of working from home. In these circumstances, most people are going about their jobs from the safety of their homes as they do their best to stay productive and motivated, in spite of the enforced isolation. Aside from a reliable internet connection and a comfortable chair to sit on, the colours you surround yourself with can have a major impact on your mood and consequently your productivity. As the world tries to settle into the so-called new normal, you may want to consider prioritising your home painting to make the best of an otherwise grim situation.

Renowned colour psychologist Angela Wright spent decades researching the effect of colour and its influence on human behaviour. In 1984, she published The Wright Theory in which she explained how the primary colours along with others in the spectrum and their various permutations and combinations, can be used to invoke a desired emotion or sensory experience. Over time, her work and findings have been leveraged by people and organisations the world over to create a desired environment in both offices and homes. The choices you make in your home painting endeavours can take advantage of this phenomenon and help you create an ideal ‘work from home’ environment as you get ready to take on every new challenge. 

Let’s take a look at some of the insights that will help guide your thinking as you go about conceptualising your home painting efforts.

Blue: Blue is known to be a soothing and calming colour. It helps you focus and keeps your mind in a state of peaceful existence. Blue is a very popular choice for offices and can often be found in lighter shades for its properties in boosting concentration and creating an environment that promotes trust, logic and clear communication. You could think of starting your home painting off with a splash of blue paint in one of your study walls, to set the mood for serious work in a tranquil space.

Red: Red is very action oriented and is known for its energy and strength. In today’s unique times, where we spend most of our days at home, our personal and professional lives tend to merge. Being productive doesn’t just apply to your home office corner, it permeates to the rest of your life as well. Red is suitable for a space where you want to be very active and energised so you could consider using red in your workout area where you want to get the blood pumping. Interestingly, Red is also known to induce a feeling of hunger so you could experiment some lighter shades of red in your kitchen to encourage a healthy appetite for home food.

Yellow: A strong favourite of the creative types, yellow evokes a strong reaction with most people either love it or hate it. Known to be an emotional colour, yellow is associated with positivity and optimism. For those days when you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing yellow is the choice for you to explore. Introduce some yellow wall paint to your favourite cozy corner where you go to sip your evening brew and watch the creativity flow.

Green: If your work requires you to spend long hours on the job you may want to look into surrounding yourself with some soothing shades of green. The colour of nature and balance, Green is a colour that our eyes need no effort to adjust to and hence is incredibly soothing to be around. Just think of the last time you were surrounded by nature and its awesome greenery and you’ll know why Green may be a great addition to your house painting efforts.

While choosing the right colour is certainly important, colours and their interplay with our minds are also quite subjective. It often comes down to the right shade within the spectrum and what might work well for you may not work well for others. That’s why, its important that you spend some time playing around with the colour charts to see which shades evoke which feelings within you. If you’re feeling a bit confused about how to go about selecting these integral elements when getting your house painting done, Aapkapainter is here to help. Give us a call today and get a free inspection to get started on an exciting journey towards creating a more productive workspace for yourself.