House Painting & Furniture_ How the two are related

Getting your house painting done is a personal project of pride for those who’d like to make their house into a home. When pondering over the various elements you need to consider when undertaking your house painting project, an important factor to think about is the furniture you currently own or intend on buying to complete the space you are creating for yourself. Usually, furniture is the one thing that travels with us when we move into a new house. It’s typically a result of years of accumulation and we often find ourselves personally invested in the furniture we surround ourselves with. After all, a lot of careful consideration has gone into it’s selection and we hold the pieces dear to our hearts. For those of us who stay in rented accommodation that come semi or fully furnished, we do our best to match the existing style with that of our own personal preferences. Whether you rent a place or are a homeowner, the furniture is usually the first thing to fill up your space. That’s when you realise that the house painting you’ve been considering getting done, now needs to be synced up with your existing furniture and decor. 

When embarking on your house painting project, one of the most important things you’ll want to play around with is the colour scheme of your choice. The furniture you possess creates an existing colour scheme for your space and the choices you make in your house painting colour spectrum can elevate the experience for you and your guests. Here’s a few ideas on how to get started when thinking about the wall paint colours to choose with respect to your furniture.

Blue – If your furniture is more of the lighter shades or browns or blacks then going with the cooler blues in the spectrum give your space a liberated feeling. For furniture that’s darker in shade, going for the warmer tones of blue will complement the furniture better. Blue is known to have a calming effect so choose a shade that keeps it light and breezy. If you’re choosing a brighter shade you may want to keep it minimal to ensure it doesn’t overpower the senses and gives your furniture it’s deserved space.

Green  – Often the living room is adorned with large sofa sets or that favourite chair you’ve had for many, many years. Green is a popular choice for many of these possessions of delight that find center stage in our space. If your plush sofa is a dark green shade then a lighter tone of green on the walls that surround it will create a complementary frame. Green is a peaceful colour and can also be used to tone down the effect of any loud pieces of furniture that you’d like to bring into the mix. Antique furniture can especially be made to come alive with a green finish on the walls that make up its alcove, completing the cozy feeling of home.

Orange – For the adventurous in spirit, orange is often a popular choice that makes the space much brighter and more colourful. If you’ve got some bold colours in your existing furniture like teal or blue, going for a lighter shade of orange can make for a playful contrast.  Orange is a good choice for white furniture as the white can create a stark yet tasteful silhouette on the orange backdrop. This colour is a favourite choice for the kids room as the playful colours give the kids a stimulating environment. If you’re looking for a few ideas for wall painting for the kids room, here’s an article that might interesting you <link to wall painting ideas for your kids>

Beige / cream – If you’re more attuned to the lighter shades and the dominating theme of your furniture is light brown then you may be interested in exploring the beige family of colours. These muted tones are an excellent companion for the lighter tones of wood that pepper your living space and can serve to accentuate them very well.

White – A classic choice, white is a preference you can rarely go wrong with. Not everyone has the opportunity to hand pick the furniture they have around their space and are often left with a mix of different shades with which to work. In these circumstances, white can be your saviour of choice. Make no mistake, white has a wide spectrum of shades and is far from a boring choice of colour, all you have to do is explore it.

When it comes to colour choices for your house painting, the furniture and its myriad of shades create an interesting dynamic and interplay with your wall paint colours. If you’re ready to get started but don’t know how to proceed with getting your house painted, aapka painter is always there to help you navigate these important decisions. From house painting to wall painting, we can even take care of getting your furniture painted so everything looks just the way you want it to. Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll be at your service whenever you’re ready.