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As we enter the summer of 2021, we only realize how we missed all the seasons in 2020. The pandemic had us all cozied up in our air-conditioned rooms and how we craved to go out! This year too, we should be aware of the coronavirus and one bright way to do it should be to revamp our houses. 

Home decor in 2021 has been all about oozing comfort and delight. We want a sense of serenity and elegance, but with a touch of warmth. Soft pastel hues like beige, blues, and greys are apt for a calm foundation. Nonetheless, we cannot leave out the bright, cheerful yellows and reds. It’s all about creating a wholesome balance among the four walls. Check out the following Home Decor colors for home decor that have created quite a buzz this year.

  1. Grey and Yellow

The Times of India picked the dull, soothing grey and bright, illuminating yellow as their colors of the year 2021. Grey as the color of concrete, gives a sense of grounding and stability. It becomes a somber background that enhances the appeal of other objects in the room. You can use textures and patterns to play with this color. A yellow sofa in front of a grey canvas gives off a sense of warmness. Even small furniture pieces in yellow can be wonderfully highlighted because of a grey background. Use the color combination in spaces like your living room or dining room to give an elegant sense of aesthetic.


Image: Grey and Yellow Living room

  1.  Jewel Tones

As the name suggests, jewel tones are all about rich, bold, and saturated hues like sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green. These rich, vibrant colors can give a royal touch to your houses. They are uplifting and can instantly reinvigorate your moods in 2021. These dark and elegant colors can be cheerful backgrounds for antique pieces and royalty furniture items. Tone them up with white, gold, and yellow to create a refreshing and happy place.

Image: Sapphire blue and white combination

  1. Muted Neutrals

After the chaos of 2020, all of us deserve a sense of complete restfulness. Neutral tones like white, olive greens, or beige shades can bring a wonderful sense of calmness this year. These tones are perfect for a minimalistic look that is all about looking into a raw sense of self. Walls in muted neutrals can set the perfect blank canvas for setting up a new sense of individuality to every little piece of furniture and home decor. They can work brilliantly with different types of wall textures.

  1. Dreamy Pastels

Pastel hues have been among the most modern choices for sophisticated spaces. They are light, airy, and give a sense of openness to your house. Use colors like mint green, baby blue, and blush pink to create a sense of dreamy happiness in your bedrooms. These colors are also perfect for your bathrooms and kitchens. They have the quality of making the room look spacious and yet cozy. The walls can be further accented with dark furniture pieces, house plants, and white upholstery.

Image: Pastel walls

  1. Earthy Browns

Different shades of brown can bring a great sense of earthiness and rawness to your house. Brown is a versatile and optimistic color that is instantly comforting and charming. Dark, rich browns can give an elegant and archaic charm to your house. Muddy, soft browns can give a sense of space and airiness to your house. Coffee browns as well as copper browns have a sense of taste and texture. They can go perfectly with multiple other colors of furniture and home decor items. 

Image: Brown aesthetics. Texture “Dune Drizzle”

  1. Blues and Greens

This year is all about bringing nature inside your house. If you have been one who has missed the forest greens and ocean blues, revamp your house with these colors. Shades of blue are always associated with calmness and an open soul. Shades of green give a sense of peace and satisfaction. These colors have a range of shades to explore and experiment with. Teals and turquoise are also very trending Home Decor colors. Accent your walls with white and yellow to create a charming space.

Image- Blue and Green walls with white stencil motifs

  1. Bronze and Rust

Mix shades of red and browns give a sense of earthiness along with rich texture. Rustic browns and reds are a popular and bold choice for living room spaces to create a sense of warmness. Bronze red denotes a sense of strength and pride. It can create a perfect statement wall that can be decorated with grand, Home Decor items. These colors are also popular choices for furniture items that evoke a sense of tradition and comfort.

Image: Rust-coloured walls with Ragging texture.


These were some of the most popular color trends that have been discovered in the mood of 2021. Every color has a unique sense that can evoke a certain personality. Be open to experimentation and you will make discoveries that may astound you. We are sure that these new color trends can give you the much-needed sense of rest, comfort, and happiness to keep you going in this rather tough time. 

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