Weatherproof Apex Ultima – A Comprehensive Guide To Paint Exteriors

Weatherproof Apex Ultima – Last Year Aapka Painter won the heart of thousands happy people by doing great exterior painting by applying Asian Paints Apex Ultima painting solutions. Today our team is sharing comprehensive painting ideas with suggesting top paints available in market. We have a proper guide by which consumers can achieve wall decor in a desired way. So we deal with selection of best paints , colors, and other factors to protection for durable painting.

Aapka Painter gives a unique solution including surface preparation, color combinations, colors selection, ideal painting tips. There are two types of paints i.e water based and oil based.
With an excellence in painting, we are ultimate professionals representing painting solutions by Asian Paints apex ultima Asian Paints Apex Ultima is a water_based 100% Acrylic smooth emulsion with silicon additives that offers an anti_algal and high performance exterior wall finish. With our in-depth knowledge of this domain, we are actively engaged in wall painting an excellent quality range of Asian Paint Apex.
We are mentioning important features of Asian Paints Apex Utima paint here.

Advanced Anti Algal Formula:

Asian Paints Apex Ultima contains anti algal formula which fights the algae formation and protects black spots from exterior walls.

Excellent Dirt Pick up Resistance: It is designed with excellent dirt pick up resistance(EDPR) technique which keeps exterior walls free from dust and maintains its beauty as well.

Sheen: Asian Paints Apex Ultima offers excellent sheen, giving your
newly painted home a classy finish.

Warranty: Asian Paints Apex Ultima  & Weatherproof Apex Ultima comes with a comprehensive 7
year performance warranty.

Colour StayTM Technology: Asian Paints Apex Ultima Protek is formulated by using pigments and binder technology which gives excellent ultraviolet radiation, which ensures brighter and cleanliness shades over the exterior walls. Read more about Apex Ultima Asian Paints PDF Catalog. It is available in 1 ltr, 4 ltr, 10 ltr, and 20 ltr.

Asian Paints Apex Ultima is available in world best class of wash ability, 1700+ colors shades in market. Asian Paints Apex Ultima booklet shows all colors for exteriors of house. If you apply 1 coat of painting then we need 1 Ltr. paint in quantity for 100-130 sq. ft area. Else you can use 55-60 sq.ft/Ltr. paints for a need of 2 coats. Painting Cost Calculator lets you select the best suitable paint and the paint quantity required to give your house walls a new perspective altogether.

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