Feng Shui : Colours for Your Home

Feng Shui  has a profound effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual well- being. According to Feng Shui, colours are connected to the five elements of nature namely earth,fire, metal, water and wood.These together play a significant role in balancing our living spaces.

Very philosophy of Feng Shui is to harmonize with surrounding environment.Some of the colour suggestions are:


Bedrooms are calm spaces of your home, where you like to rest and rejuvenate. Earth element keeps you grounded.

Best : Earth tones, fresh tones basically muted colors

Avoid : Bright colours, fiery or dark colours.

Bath room

Bathrooms already have the water element to it. More blues will add more water that will create imbalance. To balance the water element try earth colours.


Kitchen should be happy place. Using bright colours like gold, yellow bring in the happiness quotient. Using colours with water element like black, gray can form ungroundedness. They can also have a depressing effect.

Basic guideline to choose a colour is to always follow your intuition. You should surround yourself with colours that you are most inclined towards.