Fabulous Tiny Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen is the most compromised place in the entire house. These days even the newly constructed NRIWAY homes cut down on the kitchen space a lot. Even with this sized down kitchen spaces one can decorate it in the most unconventional manner. Let’s figure out how!

Storage Ideas


You need to prioritize what needs space in your kitchen. Keep the storage space segregated accordingly. Like all the Tupperware can be places in one shelf. Then the spoons can be placed in coffee mug  and kept separately. The absolutely essential utensils should be chosen and kept in the storage cabins. This way the kitchen will look uncluttered.

Use natural light

The kitchen automatically looks spacious if there is natural light coming it. You could carve a window in one of the walls and keep it uncluttered. If there are too many things kept on the window, it will just beat the purpose.

Pendant lamps


Lamps hanging from the ceiling accentuates the look and gives a high ceiling look to your tiny kitchen.

Satin finish to walls

Satin finish to your kitchen wall works the best way possible. It makes your kitchen look absolutely perfectly finished and its so easy to maintain as well. No more having to look at oil marks or turmeric stains on kitchen walls.

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