DIY Wall Painting Ideas for the Study

When getting started thinking about getting your wall painting done in your home, one of the essential spaces to consider giving a fresh look is your study room. More so than in regular times, the health hazard that exists in today’s world has made work from home the norm for many of us. In these unprecedented times, as we spend more of our working hours at home, the study room now doubles up as the primary office. This makes it all the more important to think about revisiting the wall painting colours and themes you may want in your study room to make the environment more conducive to both your work as well as your personality. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of easy ways you can get started with wall painting ideas for your study

Colour scheme: There’s a lot of creative ways you can explore the world of wall painting but the easiest and one of the most effective are your choice of colour. Here’s a quick run-down of the broad choices you can explore:

Red: Red is known as the colour of activity, awareness and concentration. Many independent studies over the years have shown that the presence of red helps people focus. Red can be an intimidating colour to some as it is has a visibly strong presence so to make it easy on yourself, you could focus on just the trimmings of your desk, windows or any other wooden frames in your study

Blue: A colour most commonly associated with infusing a sense of calmness into the environment. Associated with freedom and imagination, going with a blue wall paint for your study could help the creative juices flowing and keep things serene at the same time. As a DIY approach, you could look at keeping it simple and just paint one of the walls of your study a light shade of blue to soothe your senses.

Green: The colour of nature itself, green lends itself very well to the wall painting scheme for your study. The colour green is known to create a sense of relaxation, ideal in cases like those often stressful meetings or deadlines you need to keep. If getting the entire wall painting of your study seems too much for a DIY project, you could start with something simpler like painting just your desk. Remember, while the colour scheme of your wall painting is certainly a factor that makes an impact on your rooms decor, it is by no means the only visual element that factors into the experience.

Patterns and shapes: While the wall painting efforts you put in yourself can be restrrcited to colours and their various shades, there are other ideas you can explore to bring your study alive. Geometric patterns and shapes on your wall are also endearing if done right and can be explored as a DIY project as well. One easy way to get shapes and patterns on your wall is to trace them out first with a pencil on the wall, and then fill it in with colour as per the pattern you want. Another popular approach is to use cardboard cutouts to guide your hand as you go about your wall painting project. If you’re looking at creating more intricate shapes on the walls, create the shapes on long strips of cardboard, fashioning them into the preferred patterns. The outlines of your cardboard can now act as guiding lines for your wall painting colours and patterns.

Accents: While patterns and colours are a little more complicated to execute by your own hand, simple accents on your walls or trimmings of your windows can provide an easy way to get yourself going. Evaluate the play area you have in your current study room setup when it comes to opportunities to provide simple accents or streaks of colour which can be aesthetically pleasing and give the desired results. You can explore more than just the colours of wall paint here, expanding your efforts from everything to the upholstery to the furniture that exists in your space.

Taking the DIY approach to getting your study to become the preferred place of work can be a fun project no doubt. Make no mistake though, it does take some planning and thinking through to ensure you don’t wind up with something you don’t like at all. If the DIY approach seems too daunting a task, Aapkapainter can help get you the results you seek with ease, so get in touch and watch the magic unfold.