Decorative Windows Design Inspiration

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There are many ways to decorate a house, decorative windows are one of them. A colorful window can change the appearance of the exterior of your house by a million times. Whether it’d be a small window or big window a color adds to the beauty of a window. Windows bring outdoors in and colorful shutters, trims sills, grill, glass are a way to add little more color to the outdoors.

Below are some decorative windows inspirations for a beautiful home exterior.

Decorative Windows 

Color blue stand out on every occasion. Whether it’d be a wall, door or a window it just provides an eye-catching background every time.


Windows with colored glass aka stained glass are not only limited to the churches and/or museums. A little creative window with painted frame and stained glasses add modern colors to your exterior.


A simple color combination i.e. Blue-White surrounded by color brown gives a funky look to your window shutter.


Purple painted shutter with a white colored love net and Geranium flower box conveys your love perfectly to the world outside your window.

Best Color Combinations 


Color Red speaks volume. It represents energy, passion, and action. Apple red is probably the only color shade that will alone make your entire home exterior stand out.


After a very vibrant red, now back to the classic tale of black and white. A window with black shutters and white frame with a complimentary flower box is just perfection.


Green painted window grill on a pure white wall build on one of a kind charm to your house exterior and delivers the same charm in the most simplistic way.


Again, a simple blue and white color combination gives the most offbeat look to your house window.


A beautiful white design on a plain green shutter flaunts that prestige.

A window shutter coated with most gentle sky-blue shade speaks the gentle talks with sun rays and invites the gentle breeze inside.


There are limitless possibilities of decorating your house window with colors. You can keep it plain or can also tell everyone a fairytale.


Red window frame combined with yellow shutter make your window appear as if it is wearing a vintage dress.


Indians knows how to make the supreme use of color. This window represents the traditional Indian culture the best way.


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