The Best Ways to Clean Your Glass Cabinets – DIY

Glass makes the best material for cabinets for several reasons. One of them is flexibility. They come in many types that allow you to choose. For instance, if you like your items to remain private, you could use frosted glass cabinets. If you have kitchenware to show off, clear glass will do. Glass cabinets are beautiful, and they are also easy to maintain.

 Why continuous cleaning and maintenance is essential for glass cabinet?

While glass cabinets are known for low maintenance, it is essential not to neglect them. Regular cleaning and maintenance are vital for the following reasons.

1. Aesthetic appeal

No one wants to walk into a room with greasy cabinet glass doors. Watermarks and dust can make your cabinets unsightly too. Glass cabinets play an essential role in enhancing the aesthetics of your home, but only if they are kept clean. Since glasses have reflective properties, dirt is very noticeable. Regular cleaning will eliminate the unsightliness.

2. Increase durability

To keep glass cabinets looking good and strong for long, you should clean it. It is true that glass is more resistant to corrosion and decay compared to other materials. However, exposure to minerals for a long time can cause corrosion, which weakens the glass. Do not let liquids and spills sit in for too long. When they evaporate, minerals are left behind and can cause corrosion.

3. Improve Safety 

Repair broken glass cabinets to prevent injuries. Broken glass also facilitates corrosion as minerals easily dissolve in the exposed surfaces, compared to the top surface, which is usually treated.

Tools and Materials required to clean the glass cabinet

Cleaning glass cabinets is pretty easy task. Also, it does not require many tools and materials. Here is what you need to get started.

1. Water and vinegar

You will use the two liquids to make a solution, which you will use to clean the glass. This will create an acidic solution, which breaks down any layer of dirt the forms on the surface of the cabinets.

2. Commercial glass cleaning liquid

Alternatively, you can buy a commercial glass cleaning liquid.

3. Spray bottle

This is for the solution you will create with water and vinegar. It will help you spray the cleaner on the glass cabinets.

4. Two lint-free cloths

One of the cloths will be used to wipe down the glass cabinets after you have sprayed the cleaner. The other cloth will be used to dry the cabinets.

 Steps to clean glass cabinet that keep the cabinet shining for lifetime

Here are the steps you should take to clean glass cabinets effectively.


1. Empty the cabinets

Before you start cleaning, you should empty the cabinets. Keep the kitchenware aside, on top of a towel to prevent breakage. Also, do not stack the utensils, as they are not safe; they could lose balance and fall down.

2. Dust the shelves

The cabinets have accumulated dust and other types of dirt. Before you start using the liquid cleaner, get rid of the dust. You can use one of the cloths to wipe it away. You can make the cloth slightly damp for a more effective job. Make sure you work the edges and corners to remove hidden dirt.

3. Spray the liquid cleaner

The cabinets are now ready for deep cleaning. First, spray the inside of the cabinets then wipe with the folded lint-free cloth. Once you are done with the interior. Spray the cleaner on the outer side of the doors, and repeat the procedure. Using the folded cloth to wipe the outside.

Some streaks might still be left; you can spray on these and clean again to achieve a clear finish.

If everything is okay, you can return the items into the cabinets.

If your glass cabinet has frames made of wood, aluminum, or any other material, clean them accordingly, too.

What to avoid when cleaning glass cabinets?

1. Do not wash with utensils inside

If you want to get a good clean, empty the cabinets before you start. Cleaning with items inside will block you from accessing the corners and edges, which usually hold the most dirt.

2. Do not clean with harsh detergents and scouring pads

Scouring pads can damage the finish of the glass cabinets. Harsh detergents can corrode the glass and shorten its life.

Cleaning your glass cabinets regularly will prevent them from having fixed stains. You are advised to wipe spills immediately they occur, or you notice them. This will save you a lot of work when you are doing general cleaning: it will be easier. Maintaining and cleaning glass cabinets is an easy job. All you need is a glass cleaner and a piece of cloth. Using the steps above, you can keep your cabinets spotless.

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