How to Choose Best Paint for a House Painting?

Buying paint is easy but choosing which paint to buy is not as easy. The choices that are available in a paint store are mind boggling. There are a few things which become a deciding factor in all paint buying event like brands, shades etc. But the best paint for a house painting job is the one which gives you most of your money. The perfect paint is out there between plenty of other choices and a little guidance will lead one to the best paint.

The cost has always been a determining factor in the entire paint selection process. All expensive things are not always good. Hence choosing a cost effective paint according to the project requirement is a better idea. There are several factors that are to be taken into consideration before choosing a paint.

Paint Type

Oil-based paints are more durable than the water-based paints and they also provide a smooth finish. But water based paints are very easy to apply and even easier to clean as compared to the oil-based paints. Water based paints are even more cost effective. Though Oil-based paints are more durable, new developments in the chemistry of latex paint are creating durable water-based paint.

Paint Color 

When choosing the color, utilize the paint chip the smart way. Too much brightness or darkness may give a wrong impression of the color hence checking the paint chip in a neutral light is a better idea. The color scheme is simple if we follow, light shades for interior painting and dark shades for exterior painting.

Paint Finish

Amount of light present in the room should be taken into consideration before starting the interior painting job. And always pay attention to the Light Refractive Value (LRV) of the paint. The plain finish looks darker as it absorbs light, glossy finish looks way brighter as it reflects light. Satin finish always utilizes the best of the available light and make your room neutral.

Paint Quality

High-quality paint contains titanium which gives thickness, consistency and also increases its preservative characteristic. Low-quality paint contains the low amount of titanium and more amount of clay. Hence, it is thin and provides poor coverage, and is not dirt resistant.


Use of paint also depends upon the type of project, i.e. Whether it is an Exterior painting job or an Interior painting job. Economy grades of interior paints are not very good at hiding dark spots or dark color on the underlying coat. It needs more than two coats to cover the spots.

Flat finishes are the best choice for an exterior painting job. They perfectly cover the imperfections and are flexible under  any kind of weather.

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