8 Home Measures to Stay Healthy During Rains

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July is the month of sickness. Almost everyone has some or the other symptoms of cold, cough or fever. Although they are not really malicious but as the saying goes, A stitch in time saves nine. Certain precautionary measures, if taken timely can reduce the risk of health risk further.

So let’s see how we can make our home Germ- free and safe to breathe.

Dust Home Regularly

It’s a myth in rains that we need not dust our home. Dust enters our home irrespective of the season. These dust particles can be harmful as they aggravate allergies and also sometimes asthma. Hence, it’s advisable to dust your home at least twice a week. Also, remember to dust them with a clean cloth or towel and wash that one regularly.

Quit Smoking at Home

During rains, the air is heavy with moisture. The nicotine- smoke aggravates the chances of heaviness further. Especially, if you have a child at home it’s best to avoid smoking at home. If you really have too, then choose an open area and let not the nicotine- filled air ruin the freshness of your home environment.

Say NO to pesticides

Pesticides are the most underrated harmful chemicals that are used on day to day basis. The harmful effects that they have on roaches and mice at home , eventually get’s on to us, especially kids. Use the natural repellents, Neem dhoop, Knitted web for your beds.They not only protect you and your home but also are environment friendly.

Clean Storage Water

Water storage has become one of the most essential part of our daily chores. However storing them for more than required time can be disastrous. We overestimate the usage of water required for a day or two. As a result we end up storing them for more than required time. Allowing the mosquitoes to breed in the still water and further risking our health at home. Hence, save water only as much required. Use the excess ones to water your plants.

Wash your hands Regularly

Washing hands regularly is one of the basis hygienic habits that needs to be followed more during rains. Your home becomes a hotbed of bacteria during this time hence washing hands with an antiseptic hand wash helps keep the bacteria and illnesses at bay.During the rains, we are tempted to skip showering as the climate is not too hot.However, bathing especially after you come from work is the most important habit to follow. As the water outside sometimes floods the roads and the roads are never clean,there are chances of attracting innumerable germs . Hence, take a good bathe with warm water and rinse it with antiseptic liquids.

Clean plants and Garden regularly

If you have pots and plants at home, it’s best to keep a close eye to them every once in a will. Neglecting them will only invite mosquitoes and harmful bacteria at home. Clean them regularly.

Doctor’s Advise

Lastly, if you still get yourself infected with flu it’s best to avoid home remedies and seek doctor’s help. If you find a lot of dirt and filth around your home clean them as soon as possible. Sip warm fluids every day to keep your immunity strong through these rains!