7 Ways to Save Your Home This Monsoon

The Rains are here! Very much here! With the blissful water pouring, the chai and pakoda session, the getting drenched – because -it-feels-good -session comes the absolutely annoying leaking problems, fungus on wooden furniture and  wet floors.

Follow these not so easy steps but absolutely essential steps to take care of your house this rainy season.

1) Dry Cloth to Clean Furniture.

Indians like their furniture cleaned almost every second day. So in keeping with the habit, use a dry cloth instead of the wet cloth to wipe your furniture clean. High levels of moisture can cause
damage to your furniture.

2) Avoid Using Carpets.

Carpets on your floor will look pretty however the moisture in the air may give you the damp feeling all throughout the season. Hence blow dry it and keep it safe in a dry place to avoid the dampness.

3) Use Powerful Cleaning Agent.

With monsoon comes the season of cockroaches,flies and insects. To keep you home safe from them use a strong cleaning agent every time you mop your floor.

4) Change Your Linen Every Alternate Week.

You experience this every season. That damp feeling of your bed sheets. It’s advisable to clean them, change them every alternate week. You could also try dry cleaning them.

5) Check on the Drains at Home.

The drains are at the risk of getting clogged easily this season. This may bring in the risk of insects breeding or even over flowing of water in your house. It’s best to unclog them as and when possible.

6) Fix the Loose Wires.

It’s absolutely essential to fix the loose wires as this season brings with it the risk of short circuits. If you have
kids at home, never leave a wire unattended.

7) Repair Leakages.

This is the most common problem during rains. Repair these leakage problems as soon as possible as the dampness in the walls can make it look puffy which will eventually wear of the paint on the wall.