7 Incredible Ways to Cool Home Without the Air- conditioner

The heat is catching up and MAY is yet to come. The weather around this time of the year is totally unforgiving. To deal with this,the most commonly used appliance is the Air- conditioner. However, it is not environment friendly and definitely not pocket friendly. It is also not very healthy to breathe in the recycled air by air conditioners.

We bring you some easy to follow, environment friendly, budget friendly and healthy tips to keep your home cool this summer, naturally.

1. Leave the windows open after sunset but close it in the afternoon.

Sun brings a lot of brightness but at the same time a lot of heat. So it’s best to close the windows in the afternoon. The natural evening breeze will keep your home cool naturally.

2. Turn off Appliances.

When not in use, switch off the appliances. LED lights, computers, laptops. This will not only save energy but also keep your home cool as these appliances when in use emit a lot of heat in the environment.

3. Avoid using too much water from tanks

Tank water contain a lot of moisture that makes the home environment humid. Use the tank water in the evening. This will keep the room temperature cool.

4. White linen

Instead of using the dark curtains and warm linen, use the white one. This will give a surreal feeling at home and automatically helps to calm the temperature.

5. Plant the Plants and use house technology a better way!

Go the botanical way this summer. Plant as much as you can. This increases the oxygen level at home and keeps the air fresh at home

6. Table fan

Place a table fan in facing the window to throw the humid air out.

7. DIY Air Conditioner

Put some ice in a bowl and place it in front of a small table fan. The air picks up moisture from the bowl and makes the room temperature cool.