6 DIY Home Projects for Summer’16

We bring you some cool and trendy DIY home projects to experiment this summer. Let’s ring in the vacations with some easy and simple to follow tips to make something amazing each day!

1.Balloon Lamps


This will require some skills and patience. Blow a balloon to it maximum potential. Then take a string primarily the one that looks coarse from outside. Then tie them crisscross. Remember to glue them well while you crisscross them. Once you are done covering the balloon, take a needle and poke your balloon. Carefully take out the balloon from within the strings and voila! You get to make your own lamp!

2.Glitter Keys

All keys look very mundane. To pep up this look, you can colour the tip of your keys with glitter nail paints. This gives a very unique look to your keys. When you hang them on our key stand, it makes the place look trendy already! So try this one now!


Now, summer is the time to catch up reading. Make a cut out and put on some of your favourite lines and use as a bookmark. There is absolutely nothing like a personalized book mark. So go for it!

4. Light Bulb Vase



Find some of those old light bulbs in your house. Then take out the upper portion of the build carefully, you don’t want to break the bulb. As you make some way from the top of the bulb, put some water in the empty bulb and then place some nice looking flower in it. You can make a small stand by using some unused rings at home. Such bulbs will make your home more creative than ever.

5. Plastic Bottle flower Pot

Use your plastic bottles and cut in into half. Then put some sand in it and plant your favourite shrubs. You can then tie them to your balcony and make an easy garden on your own.

6.Upside down Stool 

We all have that one stool at home that has been lying in one corner of the house, unused since ages. Let’s turn that upside down. You can then paint it with some new and cool colours like white, yellow, aqua green. Next cover it with your favourite piece of cloth and then you can make it a stationery stand, or a unique looking paper stand or you could also make it as a laundry bag. Use your imagination and try all possible ways!