5 Sparkling Tips for Your Home

Summer , time to welcome guests at home. This also means your home needs your undivided attention. Let’s look at some incredible simple ways, to leave your home sparkling clean and impress all.

Sink in Lemon!


There is always that unused lemon half in our fridge. Use it to clean stainless steel fixtures like kitchen sink and faucets. Rub it over the area you wish to clean then wipe it with a soft cloth.

Get the Grill

Now let’s face it, we all hate this part of cleaning. Grill cleaning is the most time consuming and tedious job. But, not with this trick. Using a vacuum cleaner warm the area of the grill you wish to clean and then use a wire brush to clean the residual.

Lord of Water Rings

No matter how conscious you are about placing the coasters on the table, at some point the guests or you end up putting the cups on the table. That leaves with water rings. Don’t fret.Instead apply some mayonnaise to the water ring and let it sit for an hour and then gently wipe it off.

Dont leave trace on the fridge


We all are aware of the hand prints on our fridge door. Us a citrus based cleaning agent to wipe that area clean.

Dust it Off

Dusting can be done on the regular basis. Let not the dust sit on your furniture. Wipe it as soon as possible or you could dedicate sometime in your day to clean it  regularly,