5 soothing colour trends for today’s turbulent times

It’s been about 4 months since the pandemic hit us and whether we like it or not, things are still uncertain. We need to be careful and do our part by staying safe not just for our own sake, but for those around us. One thing that staying safe implies is staying home for the most part. Zoom calls and kitchen duties have become a part of all our lives and we’ve embraced it rather well. However, since we’re spending all this time at home, we do find ourselves staring at the wall from time to time and that at some point, gives us wall painting ideas. That being said, let’s look at 5 soothing colour trends that should help give you that little bit of extra calm that you’re craving right now. 

1. Beige

A splash of beige teamed with rustic accents can add a touch of chic to any room. Throw in a dash of red and you’ve got yourself a winner. If you think beige walls are going to be too dull for your liking, throw in some colourful throw pillows or bright graphic wall art to give yourself the best of both worlds. 

2. Light Turquoise

When you think of turquoise, chances are your mind takes you the bright blue waters reminiscent of the Caribbean. Now we know travelling is something we can’t think about for some time but isn’t this the next best thing? This beautiful colour can be used to break the predictability of any room. Throw in some rugs, curtains and chairs and good vibes are guaranteed. 

3. Sky Blue

This one’s a classic. After all, who doesn’t enjoy getting lost in some sky blue? This cool, soothing colour lends a very fun and flowy vibe to the room. You can further compliment the sky blue with some wall tiles, sinks and even chairs. Pair it with some grey, white or black for a more sophisticated and mature look. And top it all off with some graphic wall art to really make it pop! 

4. Coral

Striking the perfect balance of vibrant and understated, coral is a great colour to introduce into your home. Since coral is a blend of orange and peach shades, ts said to heighten your creative energies. Which in today’s time, can only be a good thing. Thrown in some playfulness and optimism into your home with this colour. Pair it with some dark furniture and make your home looked both, sophisticated and timeless. 

5. Marigold Yellow

Some of you might find yellow to be more on the brighter side of things as compared to soothing. However, this happy colour can instantly bring a little bit of sunshine into your room. And we think it’s safe to say that the sun is warm, comforting and soothing. Looking at a wall this colour immediately transports you into a world where you’re wearing a floral shirt and sipping on an ice-cold lemonade. And since yellow pairs equally well with both, dark and light colour tones, it does wonders in balancing the room and giving it just the right amount of energy. 

Loft kitchen concept

Now that you know our top 5 wall painting ideas that promise to promote a calm and soothing environment in your home, why not tell us about any colour trends that you think would fit the bill? 


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