5 Quick Ways for an Eco friendly Home

One cannot emphasize more on how the environment has become one of the most talked after topic in recent times. We all talk about it and all are surrounded by it. It has left a huge impact on us and we all feel there are some substantial changes taking place. Well, to suit our needs, here are some ideas to transform into an eco-friendly home. Being aware is the only way we can help ourselves as well the environment.

1. Lights 

Switch for the eco- friendly lights. Like the LED lights. They are eco-friendly as well save a lot of energy.

2. Re-cycle

Items we use day-to-day at at home can be re-cycled, like the glass jars. Mayonnaise jar, pickle- jars, Jam Bottle, all these can be washed thoroughly and re-used for other things that need to be stored.

3. Bio- Compost

Prepare your own bio- compost using kitchen waste, to serve as fertilizer for your home as well as your society garden. No better way to spread awareness among others as well.

4. No plastic!

This is the most hideous of all. Plastic not only pollutes your environment but also extremely harmful to one’s health. Switch to glass or steel or even better copper but no plastic at all. For shopping, use and insist on using cloth bags or paper bags that are easily recyclable.

5. Air- Conditioning

In this kind of heat, we feel air conditioning is the only way we escape. However, it consumes a lot of energy and is absolutely not environment-friendly. So, use the alternate ways to cool your home like using shades, plants and strategically placing your setting area. If you must use, then put a time limit to it and switch it off when not necessary. Go through our wall painting ideas which are absolutely handy for each interior room decor.