5 Elements of Life & Their Impact

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We are all aware of the fact that our lives are balanced by 5 basic elements of nature called as Panchmahabootas- Earth,  Water, Fire , Air and  Space. All of these have crucial impact on our lives. If we balance them strategically in our homes, it will give us the best possible results.


Earth revolves around the sun and has gravitational and magnetic forces. With the Iron elements in our blood, the earth impacts to a large extend for it magnetic properties. Sleeping with the head towards the south can reap us maximum benefits that keeps us happy and healthy in the long run.


As water is the most important element after earth,it is imperative that the direction of it matters most. Water should be kept in the north east direction of your house. It exerts positivity. Any aquarium, water tanks, water filters should be placed in this direction.


South East direction is the best location for fire element. Kitchen gadgets and fire should be placed in the south east direction to emit positive energy at home. Homes should have proper ventilation to let in sunlight – natural sources of energy at home.


The north east direction is the most preferred direction for the air to enter your home. Hence, the direction of door and windows should be preferably in the north east direction.


Space element is connected to the centre portion of your home. Hence, the centre portion of your home should be kept open and light.

Each home is unique and so is its direction. It is always better to seek expert’s advice to guide you further.

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