4 Creative Ways to Decorate a Rented Space

House hunting has almost become inevitable these days.Renting an apartment can give you the luxury of moving your base whenever you feel like. Usually that involves a lot of compromises for you may to settle for smaller balcony and not so friendly clauses in rental agreement.

Do not let anything grab the liberty of defining your space, your way.Here are some awesome ways that any house owner can never say a no to.

Colour Your Furniture

Pieces of furniture that take a fixed place at home,move along with you.You can anytime paint them in bright shades. That will infact add depth to their character. Plus, rooms with nearly blank,bare walls will look decorated enough with your bright furniture in front.

Hide with Plants or Pictures

Plants and Pictures are great ways to hide those portions of walls that are irksome. A seemingly dilapidated wall can be cleverly hidden behind the plants. Hang your favorite art work frame bought from the nearest flea market. This will make your walls look less neglected and well decorated.

Colourful Curtains

Colorful curtains can help your room look much brighter.Buy some really quirky designed curtains for the windows and balcony doors.

Over sized Rugs

Bad flooring is a distasteful sight to your home. Cover it up, with oversize rugs.But do make sure to clean them up often.