3 Amazing Ways To Decorate Your House With Black and White

Classic contrast and inherently chic, nothing quite makes a statement like black and white.  From walls to furniture, to accents and accessories, you can have as much or as little of black and white as your heart desires.

Black and white stripes are timeless and can instantly add interest to an otherwise basic space. These walls, striped horizontal or vertical, in the drawing room are sure to make some noise and drama. Keep other accessories simple to allow for maximum visual impact.



If you are planning to jazz up your bedroom with black and white, add it to the pillow cases or the wall behind the headboard. A high-contrast scheme like black and white is busy and any such active colour or combinations are not conducive to sleep, so it’s best to use it on surfaces that you don’t see while you’re trying to fall asleep.


When it comes to accessories, a smart option is to buy pieces that are all white and/or all black, rather than covered with a black-and-white pattern. That way you can choose to mix them, or switch out your displays for all white items sometimes and all black items other times which gives you three different looks. And an added advantage the black/white items individually will still be fabulous and blend with any new scheme.




                                            Images credit : Houzz

Black and white – together look better than their own best, don’t they? Time to experiment this stylish combination and jazz up your house!!