Remedies for Different Paint Failures-2

There are many types of paint failures but the causes for different paint failures are very common i.e. moisture, poor surface preparation etc. Given below are some easy remedies for different paint failures.


Mottling is an uneven distribution of metallic flakes which later results in color variation. Techniques like scraping and repainting the surface remove mottling.


Moisture is the main cause of peeling. Finding and removing the source of moisture helps avoid peeling. Scraper removes loose paint, the surface is finely sanded to make it smooth and priming is done.


Removal of cracking, which involves multiple layers requires removal of the entire coat of painting. The techniques like scraping off the cracking, sanding prior to priming, and repainting solves the cracking problem.

Wax bleeding

Wax bleeding is the migration of waxy additives present in the paint which results in discolouration. To avoid was bleeding, surface priming is critical. Application of water drops helps find out the intensity of wax present on the wall surface on the surface. Imbibition of water on the wall surface is an indication of the necessity of wax removal. Scrubbing the entire surface by cleaner like deglosser and later washing removes wax. Complete surface drying is essential for priming and repainting.


Alligatoring is a paint cracking pattern which resembles like alligator’s scale. Scraper and/or wire brush removes cracking. If alligatoring is deep and involves multiple paint coatings, removal of entire paint coating and surface uniformity becomes necessary to avoid additional alligatoring.


Faking paint is removes by scrapper or wired brush. Sanding the surface and feathering the edges is the next step. Use of fillers is necessary for multi-layered flaking. To avoid the reoccurrence of flaking, using quality primer and paint is essential.

Dirt pick-up

Dirt pick-up usually occurs due to air pollution of soil splashing on a low-quality paint coat. The scrub brush, detergent solution and or high power water washer removes the entire dirt pick-up. It is necessary to wash off all the dirt off the wall before priming and painting.


Mould is nothing but Mildew which grows on painting areas which are damp or not exposed to sunlight. Surface scrubbing with household bleach removes mildew. Power washing is another option to remove mildew.
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