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Ganesh Chaturthi : Home Paintings inspired by Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Chaturthi is here and it’s the time of celebration and joy. A perfect occasion to decorate your home and make it festive with beautiful colours. The Hindu festival also known as Vinayaka Chaviti celebrates the arrival of Lord Ganesha to earth from the Kailash mountains with Goddess Parvati. 

The elephant-headed Hindu deity is a symbol of new beginnings. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with pomp in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. This can be an excellent time for your home to get a transformation. You can also install wall art of Lord Ganesha on your walls with beautiful colours and patterns. 

Ganesha painting ideas
Ganesh Chaturthi

Use festive colours for home decoration

For the perfect Lord Ganesh festival decoration, you can use a multitude of bright, vibrant colours. Red, yellow, and orange are considered auspicious and also transform the energy of the space. You can also use colours like green and blue to compliment the warm shades. Gold and silver can be used as luxurious accents. You can decorate your entire house along with the space dedicated for puja. 

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Metallic texture work with Lord Ganesha in the frame. 

These vibrant colours will definitely bring positive energy to your home and everyone living it. Decorate your accent walls with rich textures and patterned artwork for a festive look.

Install a Ganesha painting

If you do not want full home decor, you can get a beautiful Ganesha painting for your walls. The image of Lord Ganesha is relaxing and calming along with spreading joy and harmony. Various types of creative artworks can be installed with the usage of festive colours as mentioned above. You can also get wall murals and install the image with full pomp and vigour. Festive decorations like mandalas and rangolis on walls can also give a vibrant and inviting look to your home.

Festive Stencil art for walls by Aapka Painter

Ganesha Stencil painting – Aapkapainter

With experts and professionals at Aapka Painter, you can get amazing artwork and wall decoration inspired by Lord Ganesha to begin your festivities. You can get high-quality texture work, stencil art, and wall murals that will become the perfect setting for an amazing celebration.

Ganesh photos and festival paintings can be a great way to mark a new beginning for your home and family. Cherish the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi with bright and happy colours in your home.