Ace Emulsion Price | Asian Paints | Pack Size: 1 Litre, 4 Litre, 10 Litre, 20 Litre,

Asian Paints Ace Emulsion price 1 ltr, 20 litre price, colours shades, 10 4 colors
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Price ₹161
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Available sizes Price
1 Litre 161
4 Litre 611
10 Litre 1439
20 Litre 2702
Product Specifications
Packaging Size 1 Litres, 4 Litres, 10 Litres, 20 Litres,
Brand Asian Paints
Colour available White & 2892 other shades
Finish Matt
Washability Medium
Type Emulsion
Category Exterior

Asian Paints Ace Emulsion Pack Size: 1 Litre, 4 Litre, 10 Litre, 20 Litre,

In the case of dry to moderately humid weather. choose Ace Exterior Emulsion. It is a water based exterior wall finish that comes with silicon additives.

How To Apply Emulsion | Ace Emulsion Asian Paints

1. Surface preparation: Clean the wall and remove dust, grease, paint, algae, etc.
2. Apply wall putty: Fill up the cracks, pores or any other damages or simply apply 2-3 coats of full putty.
3. Sand the wall: Smoothen the surface for easy paint application
4. Primer the walls: Dilute the emulsion paint in 80/20 ratio with water and apply as a primer for better adherence of paint.
5. Apply emulsion paint: Dilute the paint by 50/50 ratio on the dry surface. Apply 2nd or 3rd coat after the initial coat is dry.
6. Cleaning: Before any further process ensure there is no single drop of paint on floors or any other place.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Asian Paints In the case of dry to moderately humid weather. choose Ace Exterior Emulsion. It is a water based exterior wall finish that comes with silicon additives.

get 1 Litre Ace Emulsion Asian Paints at the cost of Rs.161.

get 4 Litre Ace Emulsion Asian Paints at the cost of Rs.611.

get 10 Litre Ace Emulsion Asian Paints at the cost of Rs.1439.

get 20 Litre Ace Emulsion Asian Paints at the cost of Rs.2702.

Yes, Asian Paints Ace Emulsion paint Is Applicable For Exterior painting.

basically Asian Paints Ace Emulsion paint Is Emulsion paint.

Asian Paints Ace Emulsion paint provides Medium level of washability.

Asian Paints Ace Emulsion paint provides Matt finish sheen level.

Ace Emulsion 

Did you ever dream of having a perfect home that looks beautiful from the inside as well as outside just like the ones you have seen in the magazine? We all do our best to make our homes attractive. What makes us disappointed is to see that the walls of our home are flaky, chalking and peeling out. This makes the home look ugly. Asian paints have the solution to all your problems. Asian paint ace emulsion is a water-based exterior wall finish that is apt for dry to humid climatic conditions. It is due to the weather conditions the exterior walls face, which cause them to become dull and unappealing. But Asian paints ace exterior emulsion acts as a shield and protects the walls from getting damaged. Get a fresh look for your home saving your money and time as Asian paints ace price is affordable.

Check out different types of Asian Paints Ace Emulsion 

Asian paints ace emulsion is an exterior wall finish that is purely water-based. Due to its water resistance technology, it provides double protection to your entire space against any moisture present in the walls of your home. The exterior walls are prone to get damaged early as these walls are exposed to direct sunlight, rain, storm, wind, pollution etc. It is, therefore, crucial to guard your walls against different weather conditions and so choose Asian paints ace exterior emulsion that will take care of your walls in all weather. The following are the various types of ace emulsions – 

Ace Sparc Colours –This is an acrylic emulsion that is best for dry to humid weather conditions. This is available in seven different shades.

Ace Advanced – This provides advanced protection which is effective for strong weather conditions. This emulsion provides the best class finish to the walls making them smooth.

Ace Shyne – This one comes with a high sheen finish which adds a long-lasting shine to your exterior walls.

Ace exterior emulsion – The Asian paints price of this emulsion is reasonable and it provides a timeless finish to the exterior walls.

Ace sparc advanced – This acrylic finish comes with a wide range of shades. This is a budget-friendly way to create a beautiful impression on the exterior walls of your home.

Ace power+ - Use this emulsion and try out various wall painting ideas as this emulsion comes with anti-fade technology retaining the colour of the walls for a long time.

Asian paint ace interior emulsion also is available in several finishes like the sheen, matte and silk finish which will make your walls look great. These are durable and washable so you don’t need to worry about the stains on your walls as you can wipe them off easily.

Advantages of using Ace Emulsion 

Are you struggling to keep your exterior walls as beautiful as your interior walls? The exterior walls are exposed to outside climatic conditions, it seems that it is not in your hands to take proper care of them. It is now possible because only you have the authority to choose the right paint for your home. The ace emulsion is the right choice for your exteriors and it can ward off all your worries regarding the walls due to the following advantages it possesses – 

Weather Guard – Ace emulsion guards the exterior walls against the weather acting as a shield for the walls. It provides enough resistance to cracking, chalking and peeling of the walls preventing them from getting discoloured and looking ugly.

Water resistant - Ace emulsion has an excellent water resistance property and so it prevents them from getting damaged due to climatic conditions. Mostly, after rains, there are possibilities that the rainwater seeps inside the walls. And when the moisture gets trapped inside the walls, it causes leakage in the walls. When the water seeps inside, that causes dampness in the walls and can affect the interior walls as well. Ultimately the appearance of the exterior becomes so dull and unattractive. 

Anti-algal – Algae needs moisture for its growth. When the walls remain wet for a long time, it promotes the growth of algae. As ace emulsion is made with wonderful water-resistant technology, it does not allow moisture to remain in the walls and hence acts as anti-algal for the walls. 

Low VOC – The ace emulsion has low Volatile Organic Compounds which means they are good for the environment and humans. If the level of VOC is high then it is released into the air and can cause ozone layer depletion.

 Explore Best offers on Ace Emulsion Price 

Our homes reflect our personality and status in society. Time and again we love to decorate our homes. It gives us immense pleasure when someone visiting us appreciates the décor of our homes. It is always not possible to paint our homes a new look. That’s when you can go ahead with a wall stencil painting. This is an affordable way to design your walls customizing them as per your preference.

The Asian paint exterior emulsion price varies from place to place. The cost also differs as per the quantity of paint that you want to purchase. The following are the price of the ace emulsion as per the quantities – 



1 litre


4 litres


10 litres


20 litres



The ace exterior emulsion 1 ltr price starts from Rs. 160 per bucket and the ace exterior emulsion 4 ltr price is around Rs. 650. Ace exterior emulsion 10 ltr price starts from Rs. 1670 onwards and the ace exterior emulsion 20 ltr ranges from Rs. 3300 to Rs. 4169. Choosing the perfect paint for your walls is a tough task because along with it comes the hassle of calculating the estimated cost required to paint the walls. However, with the paint cost calculator, this task becomes easy. 

Steps to be followed while using Ace Emulsion 

The painting process is not a one-day activity. Before the ace emulsion can be applied to the cracked and peeling wall, you need to prepare the wall so that when the final finishing touch is given, the walls look brand-new and it can last longer. The process of painting is done in the following steps to ensure a smooth and beautiful appearance - 

Masking – The first thing before you can start painting is masking. This is a very important step that is done to protect the windows, doors, switchboards and other elements from getting stained with paint. A plastic sheet is used to cover these things. 

Surface Preparation - After masking is done, it is important to prepare the wall before painting them. To do that, scrape off all the old paint with the help of a wire brush or sandpaper. This will also remove the loose and flaky particles. 

Fill in the Cracks – When the surface of the wall is prepared then, fill in all the cracks that are present on the wall by using a crack filler.

Application of Primer – The next step is to apply the primer to the walls to ensure better adhesion of the paint. The primer also increases the durability of the paint and protects the walls.

Painting – The final step is applying a coat of paint to the walls. Ensure to apply two or three coats of paint to enhance the colour and get a smooth and perfect finish to the walls. 

Cleaning – Clean up the whole surroundings to ensure there are no drops of paint on the floors.


Which emulsion is best for the exterior? 

The exterior walls have to go through harsh climatic conditions always. Therefore, it needs an emulsion paint that provides a long-lasting and durable surface. The ace emulsion is the best for exterior walls as it is highly durable, water-resistant and can withstand any damage caused by sun, rain or other elements.   

What is the price of Asian paint ace emulsion? 

The price of Asian paint ace emulsion starts from Rs. 161 per litre. The cost varies depending on the type of finish like soft sheen, matt, rich sheen, high gloss and the packing size such as 1 litre, 4-litre, 10 litres and 20 litres. The price of Asian paint ace emulsion 4 litres is Rs. 650, 10 litres is Rs. 2364, and 20 litres is Rs. 4398.