Asian Paints

Getting your home painted? Aapka Painter is here with your favourite paint colours by Asian Paints. Find a variety of shades, textures, and stencil designs to get excellent home decor. With our colour consultancy, you can pick your choices and our expert team will execute it beautifully.


Explore Asian Paint colours to redefine the glory of your walls. Check out the all-new Asian Paints colours book and pick your favourite Asian Paints colours shades. Choose between the popular Asian Paints Royale Play, Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion, and a variety of others. There are plenty of options to explore.

Explore the latest textures for your homes and offices with Asian Paints texture designs. Aapka Painter offers the latest styles and patterns for your living room, bedroom, offices, and workspaces. A variety of options are available with Asian Paints wall texture. Check them out with us!

Stencil designs have become the latest and safest methods to create stylish walls for your homes and offices. Check out designer Asian Paints stencils for your home and create beautiful walls to leave your guests stunned. Royal Play stencils by Asian Paints offer some favourite options that make your wall become alive and vibrant.

Get amazing colour combinations for your homes with Aapka Painter’s customized services. Asian Paints colour combination catalogue is full of amazing inspirations and ideas to get you started on your home decor dreams. Whether you want tons of colours or go monochrome, there is something for every personality. Check out your Asian Paints colour combination with colour codes and the latest prices.

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Asian paints

Asian Paints 

Get the most trusted painting products with Asian Paints. High-quality paints in all your favourite shades. You can get different types of paints based on the finish you require for interiors and exteriors. Access the best wall painting experience with zero hassles with AapkaPainter. Based on your budget and requirements, you can choose between their classic range of products- Asian Paints Royale, Apcolite, and Tractor Emulsion.


Get a metallic sheen that makes your wall attractive and shiny. Or go for a matte finish that is humble but elegant. Asian Paints has all your demands covered. High technology ensures a long-lasting finish and also protects your walls from damages. You can get a health protection shield, pollution controlling coatings, and a variety of matte finish and unique textures. Waterproof paints and washable paints are also available. Top-quality emulsions and enamel paints are very popular for classy wall painting and elegant looks.


Asian Paints are your best choice whether you are renovating your home, getting a new house, or painting a rental. Innovative textures, wood paints, metal paints, and all waterproofing solutions are available. More than 2200 colours and designs can keep you exploring for more all the time. Get clean and professional with the AapkaPainter team who ensure quality execution on time. All the painting and cleaning is done by professionals and you also get quality assurance managers for top quality. 


Get a modern and premium look in your homes and offices with Asian Paints. Get artistic wall painting with brand new textures and stencils with the latest trends. 


Types of Asian Paints 


Asian Paints Category

Paint price (INR) for 1 litre starts at 

  1. Asian Paints Ace Advanced


  1. Asian Paints Apcolite Advanced Emulsion


  1. Asian Paints Apex Advanced waterproof emulsion


  1. Asian Paints Royale Aspira


  1. Asian Paints Royale Play Dune



Get the best types of Asian Paints for all your unique purposes. You can get trendy designs with a high-quality finish or a simplistic look for a clean looking space. Whether you are looking to paint your home or your commercial space, getting the right paint can be of great importance. The right colours and the right textures can make a big difference in the overall perception of the space. 


There are multiple types of Asian Paints for interior walls and exterior walls. For types of Asian Paints for interior walls, you can explore the Royale paint series, Apcolite series or Tractor emulsion. You can choose your Asian paints variety according to your unique budget. You can get numerous Asian Paints colour types based on the sheen level, shades, and tone. 


Try matte finish for a clean look that hides the little inconsistencies on your walls. It is perfect for an instant low budget painting to give you a neat and clean surface. Excellent for rentals and low-traffic areas. For high-traffic areas and long-lasting quality, you must try the amazing range of enamels and emulsion paints. These are high sheen paints that are washable and give a beautiful shine to your walls all the time. 


Get the smoothest texture with a metallic touch or a silky satin effect. Asian Paints different types are perfect for every home. You can also get paints for different textures in your home. Whether you are decorating your living room or bedroom, whether it’s a high-budget or a low-budget project- there are multiple types of Asian Paints for the best experience that you could get.

Explore More about Asian Paints with Aapka Painter 


Asian Paints Quantity

Minimum price

Maximum price

Asian Paints 20 liters price

Rs 2668 (Asian Paints Ace Advanced)

Rs 8676 (Asian Paints Royale Play Luxury Emulsion)

Asian Paints 10 liters price

Rs 1434

Rs 4394

Asian Paints 4 liters price

Rs 607

Rs 1779

Asian Paints 1-liter price

Rs 161

Rs 454


Before you begin painting, you must first choose an Asian paint type and price that will complement the attractiveness of your chosen wall design. Every area of a room can be used to create visual interest, whether it's with a bright colour, a playful pattern, or a romantic, hand-painted mural. Get the best Asian paint price with AapkaPainter experts.


The most popular sort of paint for getting a great sheen on your walls at a reasonable price is Asian Paints Royale. The price of Asian Paints Royale starts at Rs 400 per litre. You can choose from a wide range of options, including paint for creating unique effects on your walls. The Asian Paints Royale Shyne is a luxurious emulsion that gives your walls a high-level gloss while still being easy to clean. The pricing of Asian Paints Royale per 20 litres can range from 8k to 12k. For long-lasting walls with your selected textures and patterns, Asian Paints Royale is the ideal solution.


The Asian Paints price list is updated according to the latest trends. The Tractor Emulsion range from Asian Paints starts at Rs 134 per litre. Tractor Emulsion can cost up to 2k for 20 litres. Check out the Apcolite Premium Emulsion pricing if you want a richer matt texture with Stain Guard technology. It costs Rs 269 for one litre. Get top-quality applications with the best paint price at AapkaPainter.


Check the Asian Paints price 20 litres to get the best offers on bulk orders. Large areas would require a greater amount of paint and AapkaPainter can ensure that you get the best value from your money.


FAQs On Asian Paints 

What is the price of Asian Paint 1 Litre?

  • The price of Asian Paint 1 litre can begin at Rs 240 and go up to Rs 600 depending on the type and quality of paint. Emulsion paints are more expensive than plastic paints and distempers. You can get the best paint prices with the AapkaPainter experts who provide you with the best options based on your budget.

What is the cost of 20 Litre Asian paint?

  • The cost of 20 litre Asian Paints can begin from Rs 2000 and go up to Rs 9000 based on quality and type of paint. Get the best paint prices for all your needs with AapkaPainter.

Which Asian paint is best for interior walls?

  • The Asian Paint Royale play is the best for interior walls. With a variety of colours and rich luxury emulsions, Asian Paint Royale offers the best shine and smoothness to your walls. Get the best home interior application by AapkaPainter now