Time to Welcome Home Ganesh G!

The next big festival is here. The most awaited, the most celebrated. Home is where you bring your Ganpati idol. Home is where he stays for days. Make the most of his presence and give your home and God a reason to smile.

Go green this year, and welcome an eco friendly Ganesh G – G for Green(Genius!).

The Lentil God

An average Indian home has the different lentils filled in containers. You can take a nice clean cardboard cut and fill the sketch of your Ganpati idol. Your child can help you with most of it. This could be a nice fun filled activity for the entire family.

The Dough God.

The humble atta, takes the most special place in our kitchens. It molds perfectly with some water and oil or ghee. It goes without saying that this will be the next best thing after clay modelling.

The Cotton God

Cotton can easily take the shape of any model. It also soaks quickly. You an dip it in the colour you desire idol to be in. You can decorate cotton shapes with some mirror sequence or some gelatin paper, if you wish to.

The Flower God

One of the most attractive idols will be the one which is entirely made by flowers. However the catch is that the flowers may dry up soon. However, He’ll be perfect for a small pooja on a particular day.

The Banana Leaf God

The best part of a banana leaf is that it has a wide surface.One can cut shapes of the banana leaf and place it on a surface or one can also turn the leaf and carve the shape out of it. In either case, this will give the most simplistic yet majestic look to your idol.

The Vegan Idol

Fruits and vegetables can do a fantastic job to give your idol the perfect colour combination as well the much required detailing. However, one needs to practice before the actual idol would be ready. Once the art work is complete, it can bring the most desired attention to your idol.

Try out something so creative that it leaves a lasting impression on everyone’s minds.

Wish you a very happy festive season!