Superb Ideas to Install Full Length Mirror for Home Décor That Will Show Enlarged Space

Most people cannot imagine their homes or even live without mirrors. Their importance cannot be overstated. As much as they may go unnoticed, they are essentially an indispensable part of our day to day life. Without looking yourself in the mirror before leaving your house, you wouldn’t walk into the office confidently. A full-length mirror is something you cannot go a day without it. That is on the grooming side.

Mirrors are today, much more than a grooming item. They are increasingly becoming homeowners’ favorite pieces of home decors, as they increase elegance and brightness to spaces. On top of their functionality, full-length mirrors can make your area larger.

Why use a full-length mirror instead of a wall mirror?

There are different types of mirrors used in homes. Wall mirrors and full-length mirrors are the most common. However, you will have it good you have a full-length mirror as opposed to the wall mirror. Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. It can make your space look larger

Thanks to their reflective properties, mirrors can make a space look larger. Also, the bigger it is, the more area of reflection it will cover. However, wall mirrors are limiting in this case; they occupy a small space, allowing you to see only from the shoulder up, depending on the positioning.

A full-length mirror, on the other hand, covers more area, that is, from head to toe. This means that it reflects more light, more space, making your room bigger compared to a wall mirror.

  1. Increased brightness

You should reconsider installing a full-length mirror in your home, as it can increase brightness in your room. Since it covers more area than the wall mirror, it can reflect more light. An impressive amount of natural light is reflected, creating a significant impact on the brightness in the room.

  1. Better functionality

The primary use of mirrors is for grooming. Unlike a wall mirror, a full-length mirror allows you to see from head to toe, allowing you to see effortlessly, if the outfits you have chosen for the day are coordinating.

  1. Cover up and decoration

Do you have an area on your bedroom wall with peeled-off paint or any other form of imperfection? You can use a full-length mirror to cover up completely without putting in too much work like repairs. A full-length mirror with a well-decorated frame can instantly draw attention away from other imperfections in your house.

Placement and areas where full-length mirrors should be used

To get the most out of full-length mirrors in terms of functionality and décor, you need to know how to place them strategically in your house. Proper placement areas of full-length mirrors include.

  1. Bedroom

Your bedroom must never miss a full-length mirror. Also, it should be placed where it receives adequate light: placing it in a closet door may not be a good idea in this case. Since most bedrooms serve as the dressing rooms, a full-length mirror here would be ideal, as you will get a complete reflection without tiptoeing. Also, it will increase brightness in your bedroom.

  1. In the living room

A full-length mirror in your living room will make your space airier and brighter too. To increase coziness, you should consider placing it opposite a window. This will create a stand-in window, allowing you to enjoy the ambiance that is outside.

  1. Entry halls

The entry hall of your house is also one of the most strategic places to place a mirror. On top of making a decorative statement, it makes the area bigger.

Types of full-length mirrors

While shopping for a full-length mirror, you will come across the following different types.

1. Full-length wall mirrors

This one is mounted on the wall and is ideal if you have limited space. Since it is attached to the wall, you have space below it to place other items.

2. Full-length door mirrors

The full-length door mirror is for the homeowner that loves the functionality of a full-length wall mirror but does not have that space on the wall. Therefore, the door can be used as the perfect alternative. They are usually installed on the bedroom, closet, and bathroom doors. They come in different styles and frames, too, allowing you to choose one that blends with your interior design.

3. Free-standing full-length mirror

Unlike the full-length wall and door mirrors, these mirrors sit on the floor. They are ideal if you have enough space on the floor as they take up some of it. Also, this is a good option if you do not like the idea of the door and wall mirrors.

A floor standing mirror is an excellent example of the free-standing type. It usually has frames, which extend to form two short legs for support. Alternatively, they can come with a foldable stand to support it. You can play with the designs of the frames to bring out your style or personality. A modern and sophisticated stand for the free-standing mirror can also enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Factors to be considered when buying a full-length mirror

To get the best full-length mirror for your house, here are the factors that you need to consider.

  1. Style of your room and mirror

You want to choose a mirror that will seamlessly blend with the interior design of the area you will place it. That is the reason why you should consider the style of the mirror to avoid buying an item that will appear out of place. The things you should be looking at in this case include the color and the theme of your house. If you have golden hardware like doorknobs, you should also consider working with a gold-coated frame.

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  1. Space Where you’re intended to add mirror

The amount of space you have in your house will determine the size and type of full-length mirror you will buy. If you have a lot of space on the wall, a full-length wall mirror would be ideal. If your house is generally big, buying a free-standing full-length mirror is a good idea.

  1. Hang Mirror to Add More Functionality
full length mirror

Full-length mirrors can serve different purposes. It can serve as décor, a grooming tool, or for increasing brightness in your house. The feature will also determine the placement of the mirror in your home. If you consider this while shopping, you will buy something that will meet your needs.