Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

It’s a myth that to make your home look like a million bucks you need to spend million bucks. All you need is creativity and lots of it.

Presenting you some mind blowing tips to give your home that million dollar look.

Rug it up


To make your small space look big use a large rug or carpet that covers all the empty spaces of your floor. This will give your home the illusion of have big and open spaces. It also makes you feel luxurious. You can invest in a good quality carpet from the wholesale markets and check out the great deals on them.

Cut in 3 and see the magic

This could be seem outrageous at first but they will bring the much needed style and panache immediately. Print a beautiful image in a large size and then cut it into 3 parts. Frame each part separately and place it on a wall that has nothing hanging on it already. This is easy,quick and extremely stylish!

Decorate the shelves


Place some books and magazines, a vase, miniature dolls and then place appropriate lights on them. Yellow lights look warm and rich at the same time.

Find the focal point

texture by aapkapainter - Royale Play - Sleet










Every home has a part that grabs your attention. Accent this wall by painting it with the brightest color or texture of your choice and keep the other walls monotone. Place the artwork on that wall and fit a small lamp on it to give it a much needed attention.

Budget Bedroom

When you are pressed for time or money, paint just one wall that your bed is attached to. Colors like red, blue, green, and lavender give the perfect balance to your room. Painting just one wall will save a lot of money and time. A simple fern painting or a stylish wallpaper can do magic to your bedroom.

Glow in natural light

Sunlight in the room

If your home is lucky enough to  have much sunlight, then its best you keep your home simple and use less of colors. Natural light brings freshness to your home. However to keep boredom at bay, buy some colorful sheets and pillow covers. Use your old duppatta or saree to stitch up bright pillow colors. This will give the much required style to your home.