Indian Sari Design Twist To Your Walls

India, the land of gorgeous saris – outstanding prints and elegance unlimited. Such is the variety that you can easily find ones that can inspire you. Such uniqueness can also be bought in your home, to your walls, and Indian-ness in home décor can never go wrong.

Bringing out the element of sheer Indian-ness can be a task of creativity blended with an eye for detailing. With some of these best designs available in your own wardrobe, you can create something so special for your home.


Bengal Saris

The quintessential crisp cotton saris that come with some nice delicate thread work is a treat to the eyes. These saris come in plain bright colors with small prints on it. Get inspired by their subtlety and choose some nice small delicate paisleys or swans or floral prints for your plain walls making it look warm, decorated and catching the attention of every eye that walks in!


Dhakai Saris

The original cotton saris from Bangladesh are the perfect match for someone who wants to go sober on their walls. This miniature prints will work best with someone with less spacious rooms. Minimalism is more for these saris. Combined with artwork and some paintings, this sari inspiration will fill up your room with the perfect radiance!


Kanjeevaram Saris

Borders, borders, borders. These saris are all about contrasts! Bright and shiny borders on complementary bold colored body . Ah, the Fanta Orange and Blue, Parrot green and Pink, they are there to last forever!

Maanga (Mango) or Malligai (Jasmine), Rudraksham or the Mayilkann(Peacock eye), usually adorn the body and the borders. A similar pattern painted behind the seating arrangement can really brighten up your guest and your home. Nicely decorated Copper vase or the Brass Kuthuvillaku can add that much needed rustic look to your Indian themed home design.

Sambalpuri Saris

Taking cue from the trademark symmetrical designs of Sambalpuri , you can bring out the decorated structure in your house. A little symmetrical lines can add space or concise the space on your walls. The small printed lines will work wonders on your balcony or garden walls as they may give an illusion of growing plants. Voila!

Pochampally Saris

Pochampally designs are to die for! The square-ish  and the Chevron prints can do magic for your walls. A small patch of the pallu design near you favourite table lamp could be the most appealing picture of your day. A small lamp lit besides this amazing work of art on your walls will be the most sought after part of your house. We promise!



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