How To Paint Exterior of Your Apartment?

To paint an exterior walls is more of science than art. The process of exterior painting of an apartment is not an easy come and easy done. It requires lots of pre-planning and well-organized working strategy.  While making the master plan to paint the exterior of the apartment, various factors are needed to be taken into consideration. It starts with the type of weather which could be best for the paint to get along with the outer walls, to the kind of surface which is being painted.  The steps which are essential to carry out exterior house painting job professionally, are given below.

Cleaning of the surface

First and foremost thing, in case of buildings, which should be done is to clean the exterior walls.  First, the walls are to washed with the water under high pressure and be settled down for some time. The settling time is necessary to get the dust, and other impurities present on the wall to absorb the water. Once, dust absorbs the water it becomes easier to remove it from the wall with the second course of washing with high-pressure water.  This step saves the efforts of scraping too much.

Preparation of the surface

Filling small cracks and holes is the next step in painting exterior walls. Whole wall area need not be scrapped off, but loose paint or other loose materials should be scrapped off of the wall. If the damage to the surface area is more and a plane surface cannot be achieved just by scraping; those areas needed to be filled.


Priming the walls before performing the actual painting job is required to make the surface smooth and stable for paint to adhere. A coat of primer, before paint application is always recommended. In the long run, it proves beneficial, as primer acts as a preparatory coat and increases life of paint over it.

Choosing exterior paint

In painting project, investing in quality over quantity turns out profitable in the long run.  Emulsions are water based paints, which are mainly used for exterior surfaces. While choosing paint for exterior painting, it is important to consider the weather conditions at your place. All acrylic emulsions can withstand moderate to heavy rainfall as well as hot conditions. Exterior house paint color should be fresh and content.

Painting tools (Brushing/ roller/spaying)

Whether it is brushing, rolling or spraying, the ultimate goal is to acquire a smooth painted surface. Use of sprayers saves the time and efforts. But high power sprayers can leave gaps or can over-spray some areas. A paint brush can be applied on door or window edge and narrow areas. The roller is most efficient way to paint a large surface. The combination of these three tools, and using each according to the type of surface, saves time and efforts and gives an excellent output.


After completing the painting job, survey of whole painting area is necessary. Surfaces which remained unpainted and been put on a little too much of the paint, can thus be known. Smoothing those spots to get them align with the remaining surface is the professional way of finishing.

By following above steps in painting the exterior walls of the house,  impressive exterior wall painting is achievable, which can last for a long time.

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