How to investigate properties for rent and paint them

The world of rentals can be confusing and hard to navigate. From real estate portals and listings to signing the lease, it is very hard to tell if you are getting a good deal. How do you tell if the properties for rent are legitimate and how would you know if you are getting a good deal? It is very unclear and confusing to know the answer to this question.

Further, when you sign the lease, do you know if the retail brokers and landlord involved are trustworthy? How would you figure this out? There are so many, many things that can go wrong in the rental world.

Here is our guide to investigating properties for rent.

Do Not Buy Sight Unseen

The first and most important rule when looking for properties for rent in dubai is to never get any rental unit without properly going on a tour of the property. It is amazing what can be missing from a listing of properties for rent.

For example, there may be holes in the wall, the apartment may be run-down, and it might not be well-maintained. This can cause serious issues. Imagine the surprise you would have upon entering your new apartment, only to find that there is mold under the sink, mildew in the shower, and dust covering the entire apartment from top to bottom.

Though this is an extreme example, going on a showing for the properties for rent on your list will make sure that you will not be deceived, that the apartment is in good shape, and that you can trust the broker and landlord. If anything is slightly off about the apartment and what they promised you, do not get that property for rent.

Do Take Note of the Apartment’s Layout

While a good real estate listing will include a floor plan, it helps to take note of the apartment’s layout when you go to visit the property. You should pay attention to any bottle necks in the apartment and any inconvenient placement of the bathrooms, closet, bedrooms, and other rooms.

The layout of an apartment is important because you are going to stay there probably for an extended period of time, so if there is something that you just cannot deal with in the apartment, and cannot make it better, it is best to pass on this apartment for rent.

Do Research the Neighborhood

When you are about to select a property for the list of properties of rent that you are investigating, you should do brief background research on the neighborhood that you are moving into. Is the neighborhood dangerous? How much do you have to worry about break-ins or, worse, assaults?

There are various websites that will help you in your search. When I was about to move into my one-bedroom apartment, I set up a news alert with a website called “Spot Crime.” This website sends me crime statistics daily, so I can know if my apartment is getting more or less safe.

It is highly recommended that you find your location’s version of the same website and sign up for it. You will be informed about crime statistics daily. This will inform you of how safe your neighborhood is.

Do Read the Lease

When you are given a lease to the apartment, you should scrutinize the lease very carefully. You will be looking for specific terms of rent that may not have been mentioned by the broker or landlord. You will also be looking for inconsistencies in the terms of the lease and what the broker and landlord told you.

For instance, if the lease says that you are allowed to have pets, by the landlord says you are not, you will have to ask the landlord which one it is and make sure you get an updated lease if needed.

There are other major inconsistencies that you should be on the lookout for as well. An example of a major inconsistency would be if the landlord tells you that the rent is one amount, and the lease says something else. If this is the case, you should immediately ask for a lease that reflects the correct number. If the lease will not be provided, you might want to cross that property off the list of properties for rent that you are investigating.


From reading the lease to researching the neighborhood, there are many different things that you need to do in order to do your due diligence when getting properties for rent. Make sure to check the layout of the room and never rent an apartment sight unseen. We wish you luck in investigating properties for rent.