House Painting Cost – What to consider when creating a budget

For many of us, getting our house painting done can seem like an arduous task, but that’s not necessarily how it has to be. Today, there’s a lot of information out there that can help you think through and make informed decisions when it comes to creating a plan for your house painting efforts. The lure of transforming your bare walls into a customised space coloured with the radiance of your personality can be an enchanting prospect, one that often gets shot down simply because it ends up being out of budget. That’s why we thought we’d create a guide of sorts to help get your house painting done in a way that suits both your personality as well as your budget. Let’s take a look at some of the important elements you’ll want to consider as you get started on this colourful journey of transforming your home. 

To start things off, you’ll want to spend some time thinking through the utilitarian benefits you’re looking to achieve through the house painting process. These considerations can be different if you’re a homeowner versus if you currently rent the space you live in. The first element in the equation you’ll want to think about is durability. How long do you want this paint to last and look good? Typically, if your answer to this question is less than a 3 year period, you will be looking for a high quality paint and finish job, to ensure the longevity you need. For a long lasting experience, it pays to invest in a better quality paint and finish job that may cost a little more now, but will serve you well for much longer. 

For those of us with small children who may already be or are fast approaching the age where children tend to get creative, the walls of your home can often become a canvas for their artistic expression. That’s another important factor to consider when choosing the kind of paint you apply on the walls during your house painting. Today, the market offers quite a range of options of easily washable paint where one can simply wipe away the masterpieces left behind by your young ones. For the discerning buyer, you’ll also want to consider the kind of antibacterial properties your wall paint has. What this basically means is, how effective exactly is the paint you’re using for your house painting in fending off unwanted microbes, bacteria, fungus or mould that tend to build up in the walls over time. Good quality antibacterial paints will ensure the degradation of your walls is minimized and you can enjoy a healthy space for you and your loved ones for a long time to come.

Next up is the space itself. The germ of the original idea may have been sparked off by a particular wall or room in your house but when you give it some thought, it may extend to more than just that. Once you start thinking about painting that one room, you may find yourself wondering- why stop there? If you plan ahead, you’ll know exactly what kind of decor and experience you’d like to create in your entire house, rather than limiting it to just one wall or room. Consider all the walls in your house and see if they warrant a wall paint job or not. The last thing you want to do is paint one space and find out that space is now out of sync with the rest of the house. Don’t limit yourself to just the walls, there’s a lot more that creates the entire space experience. Think about the doors, the windows and their grills (if any), the furniture, the ceilings etc and discover the exact paintable area that exists in your home. You may end up discarding many of these ideas in the final execution plan, but at least this way you’ve made a conscious decision, rather than getting caught off guard. Once you have a proper sense of how much exact paintable area you have, and would like to include in your house painting project, the budgeting exercise can become that much easier.

When you really start getting into your house painting project, you may find yourself stumbling upon a few unexpected or hidden costs that seem to emerge, annoyingly, only when you’ve already committed to the effort. These costs may seem negligible at first but they tend to build up and can end up surprising you later. Review thoroughly what the current condition of your entire paintable area is before your house painting job begins and make sure the team you have hired to do the job understands that it needs to be left with no further damage or discolouration of any kind. You don’t want to find yourself with a fantastic paint job on one hand but unintentional splashes peppered on other surrounding surfaces, defeating the aesthetic purpose. 

Often, we  may need some expert guidance on things like colour selection and proper consultation in this area can be extremely rewarding. You may not realise it initially, but the final cost depends upon more than just the colour you are going for. Things like the specific shades, the durability qualities previously mentioned, special requirements like moisture treatment and grouting necessities can also emerge from the area you are looking at getting painted. So, make sure the budget you create includes this area of expertise. 

If you find yourself struggling with these finer elements of the house painting process, never fear, Aapkapainter is here. All you need to do is give us a call and book a free inspection to get the consultation you need by our inhouse team of house painting experts.