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Wall Paint Colour Catalogue & Latest Colour Shade Card

If you want to pick the best colours for your home, Asian Paints is your go-to brand for amazing colours and high quality. You get more than 2200 options and all of them have their unique shine and finish to beautify your walls. Whether you are renovating your home or getting a new home, Asian Paints shade cards colours are the best way to begin a new journey. 

With AapkaPainter, you get the best Asian Paint Shade Cards for your interiors and exteriors. You can explore their latest textures designs and stencils designs. Here are some of the latest Asian Paint Shade Cards that have been trending in 2021. Have a look at them and get the best inspiration to recreate your home.


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Ivy League (Colour code- 7585)

The Ivy League shade by Asian Paints has been declared as the Colour of the Year 2021. The light greenish turquoise shade gives a bright and refreshing look to your space. It gives you a feeling of the summer and spring mixed in one palette. The pastel hue is perfect to bring soothing energy to your place and open your minds to comfort and creativity. Use the Ivy League shade for your living rooms and bedrooms to create an elegant and inspiring look.


Monsoon Midnight- N (9644)

Need a dark tone that gives an elegant touch to your little nook and corners? Try the Monsoon Midnight shade by Asian Paints for an electrical but pacifying look. The deep blue gives a mystical vibe like the deepest hour of the night. Monsoon Midnight is perfect for smart and eclectic home decor. An excellent shade for your accent walls and hidden alcoves, adding more personality to your open spaces.

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Baby Bunny-N (K235)

The Baby Bunny shade can make your home overflow with the purest of love and care. This subtle pink gives a soft glow to your space making them warm and breezy at once. The pastel colour gives opens up your room to become a world of smiles and comfort. Fill up your home with the nurturing spirit of Baby Bunny by Asian Paints. The best choice for bedroom and kid’s room.

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Grey Buck (8482)

Need a simple background as the perfect canvas for your elegant home decor? Try Grey Buck by Asian Paints shade cards that is graceful and minimalist to the core. This soft greyish, love green gives your space a smart personality that fades away into the palette like salt. It doesn’t make its presence obvious and yet, you know that you enjoy it. Try the Grey Buck for a sensational living room. Also, an excellent shade for exteriors.

interior colour shade card

Orange Crush (7959)

An energetic zing to your space, the power of the Orange Crush shade is formidable. This is the perfect colour oozing confidence and charisma. This shade of orange gives a royal touch to your space but also remains heartwarmingly playful. This is the perfect colour to create a comforting living room that is always cheerful and welcoming. You can also try the Orange Crush by Asian Paints for your kitchens and dining rooms.

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Misty Mauve- N (K061)

Try the Misty Mauve for the calming spiritual energy that replenishes all your senses. This shade by Asian Paints shade cards is the colour of luxury beautifully blended with the refreshing tones of comfort. Balanced perfectly between complex sensations, Misty Mauve makes your space full of inspiration and creativity. Use this shade for comforting home decor in the living room, bedroom, or your kid’s room.

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Lemon Souffle (7773)

This citrus shade is the perfect composition of spring, summer, and autumn. Try the Lemon Souffle by Asian paints shade card to create an energetic and positive space. With the feeling of sunshine and fresh leaves in spring, you can move places with this colour. Create an amazing space where you can work and have great ideas. The Lemon Souffle is perfect for intuitive offices and refreshing living rooms.

Raisin Delight (X127)

When you want the sensuousness of red with a punch of plum, the Raisin Delight is the absolute best. This warmth, deep colour gives a rich, luxurious feeling along with a dash of wild artistic adventure. The dark matte shade elegantly highlights your tiny alcoves. It is a brilliant accent colour for your niche spaces. Use the Raisin Delight by Asian Paints to highlight your doors and windows and add personality to your living room or bedroom.