Colour Choices to Improve Productivity at Your Office

Colors can greatly influence your productivity.  Most people spend more than half the day in their offices. Hence, it is extremely essential to choose the right colors that not only help in their mental stimulation but also result in greater productivity of the employee as well as the employer.

The basic logic here remains that any strong color will stimulate and any mild color will have a soothing effect.

Researchers have proved that each color has different effect on us.  The four basic colors are red, blue, yellow and green. Red affects the body, blue affects the mind, the emotions, the ego and self confidence are affected by yellow and green has a balancing effect between mind, body and emotions. It’s interesting to know that when you combine 2 or more colors you still experience the individual effect of the colors.

Blue– This color can stimulate your mind to work calmly the whole of the day. Combining it with orange can introduce some emotion based work environment. This will balance the office environment.

Yellow- If you work for the creative firms like advertising agency or are related in marketing, yellow will be a better option. It stimulates your ego and spirits. It also makes you more optimistic.

Red- If anything needs to be done physically, red will the ideal color. If you need to work in a gym or you want people to work for you physically moving from once space to another then red is your color.

Green- If you need to work in an environment where you require balance, green is the most suitable color. Green is balanced, calm and stable however on a flip side it can be very stagnant. Hence choosing according to your need is the right approach.

The best approach to choose a color for your office space is to notice what the need is – whether to affect your mind, emotion, body or balance. Then again, these elements are never really be a separate entity.There is a deep connection; it’s only a matter of self- awareness that one can choose the best color to increase the productivity.