Best Living Room Paint Ideas

A living room is the heart of the home. It is a place where we live. Living room in a house can tell so much about your character. It is the place where you spend most of your time, it is a place where you invite your family and friends. A living room reflects your personality. Well painted and the well-designed living room can make an everlasting impression on your guests. A little brainstorming is required to get the best possible living room paint ideas.

Whether you’d be calm, vibrant, bold or shy, your personality glows with your living room paint design. These living rooms paint ideas will inspire you and help you transform the heart of your house.

Show your vibe with The Red and The Blue

Vibrant colors like Red and Blue adds extra shade to your personality. The colors add extra life to the room in daylight and give the feeling of coziness at night.

Red Living Room
Blue Living Room 1
Furniture Blue Yellow Interior Room Wood Colorful
Blue Living Room 2

Nothing is Unusual

Mulberry and Orange are very unlikely paint shades for a living room, but the combination of these dark colors with off white colored furniture lives up to the surrounding.

Large living room featuring Sonora color hardwood floor (Maple Sonora) For more information, visit
Mulberry Living Room
Orange Living Room
Orange Living Room


Feel the Warmth

Corn Silk gives the Warmth during a cold winter morning.

Corn-Silk Living Room
Corn-Silk Living Room

Let’s Cool Down a little

These Shades of Green calms down a sunny afternoon.

Green Living Room 1
Green Living Room 1
Green Living Room 2
Green Living Room 2

Classic Black & White

The classic Black & White color combination is something that adds to the sophistication. The color combination serves the balance between the dark and desirable.

Black & White Living Room
Grey & White Living Room
Grey & White Living Room


Silver Shines

Silves shines and the Silver wall combined with colored furniture shines a little more.

Silver Paint Living Room 1
Silver  Living Room 1
Silver Living Room 2
Silver Living Room 2


We Love Peacock

Peacocks are beautiful. Let the beauty be seen in your living room design.


Peacock Themed Living Room
Peacock Themed Living Room

All White

We follow the all-white tradition. It’s warm and welcoming.

White Living Room 1
White Living Room 2
Living Room 3