8 Kitchen Spaces You Never Knew You Had!

These kitchen spaces will amaze you. Who knew we had so much of unused places in our kitchen?! Read on to know how to best utilize these kitchen spaces.

Reading Spaces


We all like a little reading space in our kitchen. Empty sides of cabinets can come in handy.You may have your favourite cook book or your favourite magazine,by hanging there a cloth bag or a bracket and thus storing books and magazine in style.

Shelf on the wall

Use the empty wall above the cooking gas by putting shelves according to your requirement. Just place it a little above, so that it doesn’t become too oily with all that cooking beneath it. Also, remember that it has to be within your reach.

Above your sink


We totally forget about this space, above sink. Hang in the necessary things above the sink. You could also decorate this space with your favorite plants. Pots and pans can be washed and hung above the sink to drip dry them.

Above the refrigerator

When you have a medium size refrigerator, you can make use of the unused space above by making a makeshift storage space.

Between Windows


The little wall space between two windows is often neglected. You can place two or three shelves over there that can be used to store fancy plates and bowls that can add to the room décor as well.

Below the shelves

You can drill in some hooks below your shelves and hand you coffee mugs and tea cups to it. Not only it saves the spaces but also keep your cups organised.

Back of doors


Any back of the door can be used to store small items like spoons, clips, small piece of cloth. With this you will never have to search the small items in your remodelling of kitchen.

Pegboard on the wall


Walls that are unused can be used most effectively by placing pegboard and attach hooks for hanging items on the walls. This also decorates your kitchen wall effectively.





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