7 Little Additions That Make Your Home Look Chic

True they say, great things come in small packages. When we try to re-do our apartment, many a times we over look the small details that make a huge difference.

Here are a few of them that can go a long way in home décor.

Palm prints of your baby

Baby Prints

Don’t be mad the next time you see your baby put palm prints on his/ her wall. It just livens up the room immediately. Your child will have fun imprinting those lil fingers. One of the most creative ways to gratify their extra energy.

Put all the memories on wall

We often look at our favorite picture and then keep it back on the shelves or cupboards. A brilliant way of keeping it near you is to frame it and put it on wall. Select few very dear ones like the ones of your parents, spouse, your baby or even some of your selfies with pets. Frame them and put it on one side of a wall. And that’s smartly done.

Sew up everything

Old clothes

The best way to use your old clothes or sari or even your sweater is to sew them and make them a quintessential pillow cover or curtains. We often underestimate the power of old clothes. They can make up for an exclusive pillow cover or even an amazing wall hanging piece. Just add some sequence to them and give them a shape for that perfect look.

Bottle up your money plant

Money plant

An old jam bottle or any bottle that looks even remotely attractive can be used to plant the money plant that requires the least of maintenance inside the house.

Invest in that lounge chair

A lounge chair balances the look of the room. Invest in a nice, comfortable looking lounge chair that will require just a corner space of the room but add meaning to it instantly.

Dark colored shelves

Highlight the shelves that carry your most prized books or the miniature dolls with darker shade of a color of your choice. This brings style to your room as well as draws immediate attention to it.

Lamps and mirrors

Bottle Lamp

An Indian home is incomplete without the lamp and the mirrors. Buy an antique mirror and put it on the foyer or on a wall that one gets a chance to glance at often. You could also attach a little plank beneath it and put a small lamp or diya on it giving a very traditional look to your home. Also use those huge empty glass bottles as a lamp besides your sofa set or your bedroom. If you have a child at home then refrain from this and try out the other above mentioned tips.

Happy decorating!