5 Amazing Kids Craft Ideas for this Rainy Season.

Rainy season can be easily labelled as the most romantic season of all. Especially, after the hot summer, it’s such a welcome relief. However, it is sometimes not very welcomed by kids, especially once they are done with the initial days of drenching themselves. Then comes the heavy showers and they are practically left with nothing much to do. So, we bring you some amazing craft ideas for your kids!

Paper Plate Fish


You can buy them from the whole sale shop or maybe you have them stored somewhere after the last party. Well, bring them out. Use some bold colours, and ask your child to colour them. Once they dry, you can cut them in shapes and punch a hole in those shapes and hang them in your kid’s room.

Cardboard Tower


Now, this is something we all loved to do when young. Cut a cardboard sheet in circles or square shapes. Make an incision and then attach each of these to the other cardboard cut outs. You can make it in a shape or a tower and place it on table or hang it on a wall.

Bake Together

Another great way of spending time together is to bake together. You both can shortlist a recipe or list of recipes. Try avoiding dishes that require a lot of time in the kitchen because kids get easily bored. Food makes some really strong bonds between you and your child.

Tokens of Love


Shoe box is the best way to keep your child motivated. You can make stars or colorful coins and give your child whenever he/ she does something nice like a token. This would give your child enough motivation. You can also create a piggy bank making a deep incision in a shoe box,for your child save those tokens.

Painting T-shirts

Buy any plain t- shirt. Then ask your child to paint on a sheet of paper. Once you are done then you can iron the design onto the T-shirt. This way your child can have his/her favourite painting imprinted!

Pic Credits : Pinterest