4 Incredible Plexi Glass Ideas for Home Decor

Anyone who has kept a keen eye on décor trends knows plexiglass (AKA acrylic) has gotten a special place in the home décor industry. From acrylic chairs to plexiglass photo displays, this thermoplastic material is proving to be incredibly useful around the house. If you are thinking of giving your interiors a facelift, consider using plexiglass décor elements. It gives your interiors a unique and elegant look plus plenty of other benefits. 

Wondering how to make the most of plexiglass for your home décor? Here are 12 ingenious and incredible ways that will take your décor efforts to the top.

Why use plexiglass, anyway?

There are many reasons why home décor experts can’t keep their hands off the acrylic glass. For starters, plexiglass is 17 times stronger than ordinary glass making it durable and safe around a family home. It takes lots of force to shatter it. Even if you manage to break it, it won’t shatter into a million pieces as glass does. This very characteristic is what makes plexiglass safe around pets and small children.

Additionally, acrylic sheets are scratch-resistant. This is an important characteristic especially if you have toddlers who love to play around your acrylic furniture all day. And the icing on the cake is plexiglass is breathtakingly beautiful to behold. Acrylic looks somewhat like glass and is equally elegant, sleek, and beautiful. 

Let’s explore the creative home décor ideas using plexiglass

  1. Photo art

The idea of displaying photos on an acrylic wall is nothing new. Many people love how photos look under acrylic glass. Home décor is slowly moving away from the traditional photo frames and embracing this chic trend. There are a myriad number of options for hanging your photo art in your home. You can use stained glass for different pictures in your gallery or you can go for 3D prints. Mounting photos add a personal and inviting touch to your home. 

To make a fab photo art, you need clarification or colored acrylic glass squares. Cut them into different lengths then proceed to copy your photos on a clear transparency paper. Once your pictures are ready, drill holes in your acrylic glass and cut the picture to fit the square. Lightly dust the plexiglass with an adhesive and then apply the image. You can choose to hang each of the pics on a Christmas tree or link them together on your display.

  • A bathroom enclosure

If you are into frameless glass shower enclosures but you want a safe and durable option, acrylic sheets will be ideal. Plexiglass sheet delivers a sleek, watertight finish on your shower door that is hard wearing. Because the material is 100% waterproof, an acrylic shower door will experience minimal grouting. This is because mold and dirt is less likely to build up in your shower.

Acrylic shower panels are relatively easy and quick to install. You can order custom-made shower enclosures and carry out the installation yourself. Since it doesn’t require wet trades for the installation, acrylic sheeting is a cost-effective solution for the bathroom.

  • An acrylic chair

One of the reasons home décor experts fancy plexiglass is because it provides an illusion of space. If you want to give the appearance of more space, glass and acrylic will make your dreams come true. In this case, you can swap your old and boring wooden desk and use an acrylic chair instead. It can be an accent décor piece placed strategically in a small room or the corner of a bigger one. Pair a plexiglass chair and a desk to make the chair pop some more. Steer away from the temptation of hiding it with a huge furniture piece to avoid the look of a crammed space. 

  • A plexiglass coffee table

Much like glass tables, acrylic glass tables look sleek and elegant albeit more durable and sturdier. A curved coffee table with a conventional frame and perhaps a tufted seat will enhance your décor efforts greatly. The acrylic frame of the coffee table designed with a rich color will put emphasis on the beautifully tufted seat next to it. And, the best part about an acrylic seat is that it doesn’t conceal the table. This is a big deal, particularly if your table has an outstanding scriptural base. 

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