10 Things You Can Do While You’re Stuck at Home

The nationwide lockdown may have come to an end, but things are far from normal. And even though some of us can step out of our homes, it’s safe to say that isn’t advisable unless absolutely necessary. 

With that in mind, we thought we’d share a little list of 10 things you could do while you’re stuck at home. After all, who knows when we’ll get this kind of time at home again? So why not make it count? 

1. Learn a Language 

We’ve all, at some point, thought to ourselves and wondered how cool would it be to learn a new language. We’ve had internal debates whether it would be French, Spanish, Japanese or German. That being said, there isn’t a better time than now to invest some time into doing so. Thereby getting a window into a whole new culture. And there are plenty of online resources that can help you achieve this goal. So long as you have a good wifi connection, you’re good to go! 

2. Catch up on Some Reading 

We’re all guilty of letting that unread pile of books in our room and purchases on kindle grow much larger than we’d like them to. The excuse always used to be a lack of time. Now since that no longer applies, why not go down that bibliophilic road?

3. Do an Ivy League Course, for Free

There’s a list of close to 500 Ivy league courses that you can do, for free. With a course on everything from classical music to Buddhist philosophy, there literally is something for everybody. So go on, pick one. Click here to view the list.   

4. Learn How to Cook 

Well, this one’s a no-brainer and also probably the most popular. After all, who doesn’t love food? So, if you’re already someone who can distinguish cumin from fennel, there’s a whole world of cuisines and cultures to be explored. And for all the amateurs out there, there’s so much more than maggie and fried eggs waiting for you. 

5. Get in Shape 

The easiest thing to do right now would be to fully give in to the couch potato life. And as tempting as that sounds, why not pick the harder option and get in shape instead? Not only will this uplift your mood and keep you healthy, but it’ll also allow you to set and achieve goals on a daily basis. Thereby allowing you to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. 

6. Learn an Instrument 

This is another one of those things we’ve all wanted to do in life since our childhood. Some of us managed to, but for many, it still remains a distant dream. Something that we’re now too old to do. Something that we do not have the time to do. Well, we now have the time and the resources to do so. So why not? 

7. Video Call the Family 

Many of us have family members scattered across the world, in different countries across different timezones. This makes staying in touch as a group, a whole lot harder than it should be. And now since we have a lot more spare time than we’d imagine, why not take out some time to make that very large video call happen. We’re sure it’ll be a riot! 

8. Rearrange Your Room 

Given the new normal, we’re clearly going to be spending most of our time at home. And that means a large chunk of that time will be spent in our bedroom. So why not take a crack at rearranging it completely? Move the bed, cupboard and writing table. Shift around the paintings and change the curtains. It’ll add a much-needed spark to things!

9. Binge Watch Stuff

With OTT platforms being dime a dozen, the last thing there is a shortage of content to watch. Be it films, documentaries or tv-shows, the list doesn’t end. So why not use this time to catch up on those classic films you’ve heard people talk about for years. Or that tv-show that required too much time to even consider watching? The only word to be kept in mind is moderation.  

10.  Get Your House Painted 

Getting your house painted has always been looked at as an arduous process that requires a lot of time and patience. Well, why not consider finally getting it done now that you’re stuck at home. Look up some wall painting designs for your living room and give it that much-needed dash of colour. If safety is what you’re worried about, there are service providers like us who can assure you that every little detail has been looked at to ensure your safety is paramount and second to none.