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Explore creative wall painting ideas with AapkaPainter and its experts. Find your favourite colours, patterns, and textures to revamp your home.

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Living Room Painting Design

The living room is the most special part of your home. Make it creative and welcoming with exciting new textures and stencils. With our dedicated colour consultants, you can get the best colour combinations with shades and textures that enhance your home decor.

best wall painting design for living room

Honeycomb Design

Add a unique and playful personality to your space with this honeycomb design accentuated on the walls. The artistic walls perfectly attract attention to details in a subtle way. Create a minimalistic living room in artful ways.

latest wall painting design

3D Wall

Bored with your plain walls? How about giving them a 3D facelift! Check out this brilliant, abstract design with a striking 3D effect. The pattern plays with the dimensions to create a futuristic and sophisticated look.

pastel geometric wall painting design for hall

Pastel Geometrics

Pastels shades are absolutely trending and refreshing to try on your living room walls. Check out this exquisite living room wall with geometric textures and patterns. The eye-popping colours are subtle and give a modern effect to the space.


Paint your walls now!

Check out these brilliant wall painting designs to transform the look and appeal of your home.

simple diy wall painting design 1
simple diy wall painting design 2
Flower Paint

Flower Painting Design

flower painting design 1
flower painting design 2

Give the magical touch of beauty to every corner of your house. Our elegant colours and stylish patterns can easily give you a memorable space to cherish for every occasion.


Bedroom wall painting design

Minimalistic homes are elegant and modern but you can always add the touch of art. Check out our relaxing bedroom wall painting designs to create a bedroom that you will love dearly. Play with textures and stencils to create heart-warming visuals that give you the most homely feeling.

best wall painting design for bedroom
Wall Painting

Simple Wall Painting Design

Simplistic wall painting designs are subtle but also very modern. An elegant home can be created with the power of colours and clean lines. Check out these brilliant looks to achieve lovely home decors for your living rooms.

simple eligent modern wall painting design 1
simple eligent modern wall painting design 2
simple eligent modern wall painting design 3

Latest Wall Painting Design

latest modern wall painting design 1
latest modern wall painting design 2

latest modern wall painting design 3
latest modern wall painting design 4

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Check out our latest catalogue and get the best idea for your interiors. Our experts colour consultants at AapkaPainter can assist you further to create the best home ever.

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living room wall painting stencil idea

How to choose a paint color scheme for your home?

The colors in your room are a direct reflexion of your personality. Whether you want to brighten up a dull room or you want to make a chaotic room look peaceful, just go with the best choice of wall paint colors.

living room wall painting stencil idea

Wall Painting Designs That Give a Cozy Look To Walls

Painting your walls with some extraordinary wall painting designs is a reasonably priced way to personalize your home d├ęcor and style.

living room wall painting stencil idea

Top 10 Royale Play Designs 2020

Royale Play Designs is one of the water-based textured paint with special effects that can offer numerous designs for your interior or exterior walls.

Best Wall Painting Designs

Latest Bedroom Wall Painting Designs 

Looking for classy and elegant bedroom wall painting? AapkaPainter has some of the best colours, textures, and designs available that you must check out. Explore our amazing collection of bedroom wall painting designs to give an edgy, new look to your personal space. Ooze your personality with a variety of colours. Whether you are subtle and shy or bold and experimentative, there is a perfect colour waiting to be on your walls.

The bedroom paint design should be carefully chosen to calm your senses but also make you feel good. Choose soft colours that can create a spiritual and calm space for your to relax and wind down. You can also add accent shades and textures to create a vibrant effect. Light blue, green, purple, and white are excellent paint colours for bedroom. You can also choose between a variety of tones and shades to match your home decor. 


Explore the perfect wall painting design for your bedroom to highlight your personal taste but also create functional space. Our project images will show you how you can create the perfect balance. Find brand new colours and patterns to create an innovative space that will make you feel fresh every morning. 


Wall Painting Color Design for bedroom 

Are you looking for a way to improve the look of your bedroom wall painting? Our wall colour design for bedroom is the ideal way to add a splash of colour to a room without having to repaint it entirely. You can use these bed room colour design to transform any space into a room you enjoy, whether you decide on a dramatic black wall or gentler tones.


You can also go for simple wall painting to create a soothing and peaceful bedroom. There are plenty of ways to make your bedroom interesting with subtle shades including the use of textures and patterns. Choosing colour for bed room should focus on lighter shades that make you feel calm and relaxed. 


When it comes to decorating your home, choosing the correct house painting should be at the top of your agenda. Whether you want your home to be stylish, contemporary, subtle, minimalistic, or exquisite, it all depends on the Wall Painting Designs and concepts you choose. Explore the latest wall stencil design to add details to your bedroom. Get in touch with Aapkapainter's specialists to give your walls a new voice and a fresh style!

Bedroom Wall Painting colour designs By Aapkapainter 

Bedroom wall painting can be super easy with AapkaPainter experts. Our professional colour consultants and skilled painters can help you create the most stunning wall designs that will make you fall in love with your home again.

Simple Bedroom Wall Painting designs

Bedroom simple wall painting is very popular because it gives a clean and minimalist look. A simple space can be very peaceful and soothing to your senses. You can also try texture design for bedroom to create interest and add an additional appeal to your home. 

Asian Paints Bedroom Wall Painting Designs

Royal texture paint designs for bedroom are extremely popular because they give a new sense of beauty to your bedroom. You can completely elevate your space with modern texture design for bedroom. Explore Asian Paints with AapkaPainter to get the best prices on your new home decor. 

Texture Painting Designs for Bedroom

Get brand new wall texture design for bedroom to add a new sense of depth and style to your walls. Texture paint designs for bedroom can be the best way to recreate your bedroom and give it a refreshing appeal. Explore latest wall paint texture design for bedroom with AapkaPainter!


Stencil Painting Designs for Bedroom

Bedroom wall stencils design are the best way to add more appeal to your space with little effort. Stencil designs are also available in beautiful patterns and colours that can simply amaze you. They are safe for your walls and give a refreshing touch to your bedroom. Check out our paint price calculator and get the estimate of your home painting project now!