Wall Painting Design

With a little creativity and a ton of creative mind, your walls can be features of the room or the house!

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Living Room Painting Design

This splendid and bright geometric structure works for homes and where you need a great deal of positive vitality streaming best wall painting designs for living room. Its brilliant hues are enrapturing, while the corner to corner strokes give the plan a unique look.

best wall painting design for living room

Honeycomb Design

Liven up a plain white wall with a few shades of honeycomb it is the one of significant wall painting designs for living room.

latest wall painting design

3D Wall

Add enjoyable to your stay with some 3D wall effect. This three-tone 3D box plan latest wall painting design is anything but difficult to achieve. Draft the lines and imprint the hues so you won't get confounded. Utilizing painter's tape will hurry the cycle and guarantee straight lines.

pastel geometric wall painting design for hall

Pastel Geometrics

Beguiling, downplayed, exquisite. wall painting designs for hall This beautiful mass of quieted pastel geometrics is anything but difficult to make. Utilizing painters tape, map the divider out with arbitrary shapes, at that point fill every one with an alternate pastel shading. Blend some unbiased shades in with the pretty pastels to get the tasteful exquisite look to


Paint your walls now!

Here are some simple DIY wall painting design that will immediately change the wall from dull to breathtaking. Look at these and prepare for some painting!

simple diy wall painting design 1
simple diy wall painting design 2
Flower Paint

Flower Painting Design

flower painting design 1
flower painting design 2

Light up a forgettable corner of your home with this enchanting and intriguing flower wall painting designs. You can go as brilliant as you need by utilizing navy blue an white or grey shades.


Bedroom wall painting design

The Elegant Minimalist best wall painting Design really utilize a sharpie. This exquisite and tasteful wall highlight is exceptionally simple to accomplish! The initial step is to wall painting designs for bedroom with a dim shade of shading. When the paint has dried, utilize a gold sharpie pen to make the dainty exquisite lines.

best wall painting design for bedroom
Wall Painting

Simple Wall Painting Design

Subtle, elegant, modern. Adding random vertical lines to your plain wall painting designs for bedroom will instantly give it a more modern and exciting look. The white vertical slants on grey background wall accent give this bedroom a contemporary yet stylish finish.

simple eligent modern wall painting design 1
simple eligent modern wall painting design 2
simple eligent modern wall painting design 3

Latest Wall Painting Design

latest modern wall painting design 1
latest modern wall painting design 2

latest modern wall painting design 3
latest modern wall painting design 4

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living room wall painting stencil idea

How to choose a paint color scheme for your home?

The colors in your room are a direct reflexion of your personality. Whether you want to brighten up a dull room or you want to make a chaotic room look peaceful, just go with the best choice of wall paint colors.

living room wall painting stencil idea

Wall Painting Designs That Give a Cozy Look To Walls

Painting your walls with some extraordinary wall painting designs is a reasonably priced way to personalize your home d├ęcor and style.

living room wall painting stencil idea

Top 10 Royale Play Designs 2020

Royale Play Designs is one of the water-based textured paint with special effects that can offer numerous designs for your interior or exterior walls.

Best Wall Painting Designs

Latest Wall Painting Designs For Your Walls

If you do not want to spend a ton of money on luxury furniture yet want to make your home stand out, you should opt for an unconventional wall painting design. It does not take much to give your home an unconventional wall colour design. All you will need is a designer wall paint and simple wall painting designs to select a design from. 

Another good thing about wall paint design is that they are available at every price and company these days. You can either go for Asian paints wall design, or some other company if your prices and choices do not match with Asian paints. Moreover, you can make all of your family members happy by giving each room of your home a different design of their choice. Not only is this a cost-effective method, but it also looks minimalist and sober than going for a home filled with pieces of furniture just to add beauty. 

Exterior Home Wall Painting Designs 

The power of good exterior wall texture designs is they can even attract appreciation of people who have never entered, and will never enter your home. Exterior wall painting designs are for homes, what book covers are for books. Sure they are not everything, but they make the first impression. 

You can choose any wall painting designs for the exterior of your home, but you should ensure that it should be very durable since it is exterior paint that goes through harsh weather conditions, dust, smoke, etc. If cost is not a problem for you, then you can choose Asian paints exterior texture for best results. 

Interior Home Painting Designs 

While selecting the colors, it is always good to look at some interior house paint colors pictures to get the idea of how it looks in real life. Sometimes, a house interior colour looks good in our mind, but not so beautiful when it is painted on the walls. 

While choosing the interior paint design, you should also make sure that your interior colour design is in contrast with the exterior color design. The beauty of the colors gets doubled when external and internal designs complement each other, instead of stealing thunder from each other.

Wall Painting Designs For Your Home 

If we talk in its entirety, your home colour design should have a theme. The most common mistake that people do while choosing home painting design is not choosing an overall theme that runs through all rooms. For example, it is totally okay to choose different colors for interior and exterior wall colors and design, but at least your home interior colour design should make a contrast with the exterior wall painting colors. It is a good idea to search and look for wall painting design images online for inspiration.

Once you decide the color design of your bedroom, living room, interior, and exterior of your home with your family, it is good to confirm the selected color designs with a professional painter. Professional painters stay updated with new home wall structure painting designs that are trending. Since things like home interior paint design are not redone, it is always good to stay on the safer side; choose the design that looks beautiful and will not cost you much in the longer run. 

Wall Painting Designs For Bedroom 

When you can have different wall painting designs in different rooms, why not start with the bedroom? One thing to notice about wall painting designs for bedrooms is that you should choose the bedroom colour design which feels soothing to the eyes. The bedroom is the place where you will go to rest. 

Try to choose bedroom simple wall painting over paintings with a contrast of bright and dark color because it will attract your attention more than needed. If you are puzzled over selecting a color, you can ask suggestions about bedroom wall paint colours from our painters. Since they have years of experience in painting colors, they can tell what will suit best to your bedroom according to your personality. In general colors like ice blues, light gray, and blush pink look beautiful in the bedroom. 

Wall Painting Designs For Living Room

Probably, the most creative of all others are choosing wall painting designs for living room or the hall. Though the whole of your home must look beautiful and elegant, usually, the designs and the colour combination for the living room are the most extravagant. 

The most commonly used colors for the living room are green, beige, black, and grey etc. If you want to make your living room stand out, then you can choose colors like carmine, light oak, golden, etc. If solid colors are too boring for you, you can go for a combination of paint colors for the living room. A few trending combinations are hot pink and turquoise, crimson and sage, vibrant blue and yellow, mustard and salmon, etc. Flower painting designs are in trend as well. While choosing the wall color for the living room, just remember that the living room is going to be the most beautiful part of your home. A good professional painter should be able to suggest flower wall painting designs as per your taste.

Wall Stencil Design for your home

Explore beautiful and interesting wall stencils to create unique and artistic walls for your homes. Wall stencil design is a simple technique to create elegant patterns and designs on your walls in a cost-efficient manner. Stencil painting wall design has become a popular option for those who want to renovate their homes without taking any drastic measures. Stencil designs for wall painting can be perfect to design spaces like the living room. Bedroom wall stencil design are also very popular as they creatively transform the small space into an interesting space. Check out our latest wall stencil design to create beautiful walls for your home.

Latest Wall Texture Design

Wall textures are among the most innovative options to create elegant home decor. Beautiful wall texture design can be created using simple tools on walls and plasters. We offer the latest texture design for wall painting for interiors as well as exteriors of your house. Wall texture designs for the bedroom can give a trendy look to your space, adding personality and interest to the bedroom. Our wall texture designs for the living room give in a simplistic and modern appearance that can go well with a variety of vibrant and exciting colors. Check out our latest wall texture designs to create a unique and inspiring home.

Creative and Colourful Wall Art Design

Wall arts are an innovative way to transform your living surroundings into inspirational zones. Explore our wall art designs that can complement your interior home decor. You can also add customizations to wall arts according to your desires. Wall art is among our simple wall painting designs that effortlessly uplift the look and standard of your space. Using wall art design for a bedroom is a great way to add personality to your personal space. Beautiful and modern wall painting design for hall and living rooms can also add to create a classy and superior home decor. Also, explore our exciting range of stencil designs to create transformative wall art designs.

Asian Paints Wall Design for your Living space

Asian Paints can be an excellent solution to all your home decor needs. Asian Paints wall designs can give wings to your imagination to create fantastic living spaces with the use of vibrant colors and textures. Royal Paint wall design offers classy walls with a superior finish that can last for a long period of time. These wall painting design simple and yet charming with their little details and overall elegance. You can also explore beautiful wall putty designs that can add texture to your walls. Adding textures along with colors can create an amazing effect and give you a modern and contemporary space. 

Top Best Wall colour design by Aapkapainter

Use the best wall color ideas to innovate your space into artistic homes. Aapkapainter offers excellent wall colour design ideas along with high-quality paint and professional services. We have exciting wall painting designs using traditional and modern art for your personal spaces. Browse our exclusive wall painting designs for the living room that use stylish color combinations with elegant textures and stencils. Our wall painting designs for the bedroom can instantly facelift this space into a warm and cozy living area with design tools and services. Explore our classic range of wall painting ideas to enhance your living surroundings into inspiring spaces.

Professional Wall Painting Designs By Aapka Painters

While choosing the best wall painting design or a designer wall paint, it is always to go to professional painters. They have a catalog of colors and designs that help you choose the best. And this where Aapka Painter comes into play. 

We have a catalogue of 10000+ wall painting design ideas that will leave you awestruck. Moreover, we have worked with 20,000+ customers, which makes us good enough to tell you what can look good on your home and what not.  To ask for color recommendations or an estimate on how much it will cost to get your home painted, just give us a call.